3 Drug Rehab Centers in Owyhee, Nevada

Owyhee, Nevada is a rural Nevada town, with few residents and great expanses of land. Individuals seeking treatment for alcohol and drug abuse may wonder where to find help because of limited resources in the area.

Substance Abuse In Owyhee And Elko County

Elko County, where Owyhee is located, has some of the lowest rates of substance abuse in the state of Nevada. However, treatment access is also very low, leaving many without treatment options.

  • Elko County has one of the lowest prescribing rates of opioid pain medications. 71.6 opioid medications are prescribed for every 100 residents.
  • One individual out of every 100,000 passed away from an opioid overdose in Elko County in 2016. This number is population-adjusted and is one of the lowest rates in the state.
  • Less than one percent of people in Elko County self-reported using a prescription painkiller to get high in the last month in a 2016 study.
  • There are no hospitals in Elko County with naloxone distribution available. This leaves residents at risk following an overdose.

Someone researching different rehab centers may have various questions or concerns. To speak with someone who can guide you through the first steps of choosing a prehab rogram, contact a treatment specialist with RehabCenter.net today.

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