Top 4 Drug Rehab Centers Near North Las Vegas, Nevada

One of the largest suburbs of Las Vegas, North Las Vegas sees some of the same substance abuse trends that have made this area famous. Plenty of rehab centers in the area address the addiction crisis by offering many different treatment modalities. Residents of North Las Vegas and the surrounding areas will have several rehab centers to choose from.

Rehab Centers In North Las Vegas

Rehab centers in North Las Vegas treat alcohol and drug abuse. Most of the programs offer outpatient programs only, but make referrals to nearby residential programs in Las Vegas and Henderson for individuals needing these services.

Center For Behavioral Health

Center for Behavioral Health has several locations in Nevada. Its facility in North Las Vegas specializes in treating opioid addiction through individual counseling and medication-assisted treatment.

This rehab center has high success rates. Out of every 10 people treated here, eight people quit use. The average number of individuals with adequate employment increases from 50 percent upon admission to 65 percent upon completion.

VA Southern Nevada Healthcare System

The VA Behavioral Health Services clinic provides substance abuse counseling to veterans struggling with addiction. Any veteran can access these services, even if substance abuse is not tied to a mental health condition.

The VA does have inpatient care available for individuals struggling with addiction. Following discharge from the residential program, each person is connected to community support groups as a vital component of aftercare.

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Rehab Centers Near North Las Vegas

With very little separating North Las Vegas from the main city of Las Vegas, residents will not have to travel far at all to seek treatment at nearby rehab centers. In fact, many rehab centers in Las Vegas are more conveniently located for some individuals.

Keeping with the style of Las Vegas, several rehab centers near North Las Vegas offer resort-style rehabilitation.

Vogue Recovery Center

Vogue Recovery Center provides top-notch addiction treatment using holistic healing methods. The residential program uses structured and personally tailored treatment plans. Yoga, massage therapy, and nutrition education complement addiction therapy.

With high success rates, whole-body care, and an active recovery community, Vogue Recovery Center may be an ideal healing environment for many individuals.

We Care Foundation

The We Care Foundation provides a family atmosphere for small groups of women overcoming addiction. The foundation believes that keeping the groups small helps women create a strong support system that will help each woman maintain sobriety.

The house is run by house managers who have more than four years of sobriety and personal experience with overcoming the issues surrounding addiction.

Substance Abuse In North Las Vegas And Clark County

As the largest county in Nevada, Clark County, where North Las Vegas is located, has some of the highest rates of alcohol and drug use rates.

  • The opioid-prescribing rate in Clark County is 84.2 per 100 people. This is slightly lower than the state average.
  • Out of every 100,000 residents, 271 individuals passed away from an opioid overdose in Clark County in 2016.
  • More than 16 percent of high school students self-reported taking a prescription drug without a doctor’s prescription.
  • Clark County is one of three counties in Nevada to implement licensed Opioid Treatment Programs. However, none of the treatment facilities operate at full capacity.

With so many rehab centers available in North Las Vegas and surrounding cities, it can be difficult to decide which facility will best meet your needs. Treatment specialists with can answer any questions or concerns you have about seeking treatment.

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