Drug Rehab Centers Near Henderson, Nevada

Drug Rehab Centers Near Henderson, Nevada

Henderson is the second-largest city in Nevada, after Las Vegas. With more than 300,000 residents, Henderson is heavily affected by substance abuse and addiction. There are several rehab centers treating addiction in and around Henderson.

Substance Abuse In Henderson And Clark County

Clark County, where Henderson is located, has some of the highest rates of substance abuse in the state of Nevada.

In 2016, 271 people died in Clark County of a drug overdose. This accounts for over two-thirds of the overdose deaths in the entire state of Nevada.

  • EMTs administered naloxone (Narcan) to 1,089 individuals in Clark County following suspected overdoses.
  • Two percent of high school students reported using heroin in 2015. This is the lowest rate in Nevada.
  • 16.5 percent of high school students took an opioid painkiller that was not prescribed to them. This is higher than the state average.

For more information on how to find the best rehab program for you, or for any questions you have about addiction treatment, please contact a treatment specialist at RehabCenter.net.

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