Top 4 Drug Rehab Centers Near David City, Nebraska

David City is a rural city in Nebraska. Like many areas across the United States, there has been an increasing need for rehab centers. Many people in rural areas like David City may not know where to go for addiction treatment because rehab centers are scarce.

Although there are few rehab centers in David City, there are several rehab centers in the surrounding area with different levels of care and treatment modalities available.

Rehab Centers In David City, Nebraska

There is one rehab center in David City. This facility provides services in 16 rural counties across Nebraska, so if certain services are not offered in one location, a referral can be made for a nearby facility.

Blue Valley Behavioral Health

Blue Valley Behavioral Health is renowned in the region for its comprehensive treatment of behavioral health issues, including substance abuse. The facility in David City serves the Butler County area.

Licensed substance abuse staff provide individual, family, and group therapy to both adults and adolescents struggling with addiction.

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Rehab Centers Near David City, Nebraska

There are several rehab centers in some of the larger cities near David City. Columbus, Fremont, and Lincoln, Nebraska are all within an hour’s drive.

With so many treatment options nearby, each person is very likely to find a rehab program that will fit his or her recovery needs.

Behavioral Health Specialists, Inc.

Behavioral Health Specialists, Inc. offers a great number of programs to fit a variety of needs. Their substance abuse program, Seekers of Serenity Place, offers individualized, compassionate care in a short-term residential setting.

In addition to offering supportive community in a substance free-facility, staff members collaborate with each individual to empower and equip him or her with the tools needed to maintain lasting sobriety. This program utilizes the 12-step model of recovery.

Lutheran Family Services

At Lutheran Family Services, an individualized substance abuse assessment determines the level of care that best fits each person’s needs. Following this assessment, care professionals can refer new patients to a variety of treatment programs.

Level one outpatient therapy consists of nine hours of individual and group-based therapy weekly in a 12-week program.

Intensive outpatient therapy offers more in-depth recovery treatment lasting for six to eight weeks. Each week, individuals complete 10 hours of recovery-focused activities.

St. Monica’s

All of St. Monica’s addiction treatment programs are offered at a sliding pay scale, making this facility affordable for every woman. Community support is a strong focus and women are encouraged to learn new skills and find their strengths in this program.

St. Monica’s center offers an eight-week intensive residential program. This program is designed to provide the structure and evidence-based treatment needed to help women achieve recovery.

Substance Abuse In David City And Butler County

In Butler County, where David City is located, one of the biggest barriers to substance abuse treatment is a scarcity of rehab centers to serve those needing treatments.

  • There is only one rehab center in Butler County that offers substance abuse treatment, with only one licensed counselor on staff.
  • Over two percent of individuals older than 12 self-report struggling with drug dependence.
  • Nearly four percent of residents admit that they have used prescription pain medication to get high.
  • Of those reporting addiction and misuse of pain relievers, 90 percent say they have not, or cannot, access the addiction treatment that they need.

In areas where there are not very many rehab centers, it may seem difficult to find a program that will equip you with the skills to overcome addiction. With many options in the area surrounding David City, there is a program that is right for every person.

Speaking with a treatment specialist can help you in finding a program that fits your needs. Reach out to a specialist at today with any questions and concerns about addiction treatment options.

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