Top 2 Drug Rehab Centers in Columbus, Nebraska

In Columbus, Nebraska, there is an increasing need for substance abuse treatment services. With few rehab centers in the area, a person may not know where to go for addiction treatment, but traveling to the surrounding area opens up new opportunities.

Rehab Centers In Columbus, Nebraska

There are a few rehab centers in Columbus, Nebraska, including one of the most highly rated facilities in the state. The services offered at these facilities range from community support groups to short-term residential programs.

Goodwill Industries Of Greater Nebraska

Goodwill Industries offers several programs treating substance abuse and addiction at no cost to the individual. These programs range from community support groups to housing and homeless services.

Goodwill also has a large network of services that may be beneficial to someone battling addiction, such as employment services. Following an evaluation, staff members work diligently to refer each person to every service that he or she may need.

Behavioral Health Specialists, Inc.

Behavioral Health Specialists, Inc. provides holistic treatment for individuals battling addiction through Seekers of Serenity Place (SOS). This rehab facility provides both medically supervised detoxification and a short-term residential treatment program.

Treatment incorporates several treatment modalities and relapse prevention methods to ensure that each person has the tools he or she needs to live a substance-free life.

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Rehab Centers Near Columbus, Nebraska

There are several rehab centers near Columbus, Nebraska. The services offered include several treatment modalities, as well as some residential programs designed to fit specific populations.

Women’s Empowering Lifeline

Women’s Empowering Lifeline delivers evidence-based and recovery-focused residential care for women pursuing lifelong sobriety. The treatment approach uses holistic health methods to treat the complex needs surrounding addiction.

Although the length of each person’s stay will vary depending on her needs, the typical stay in the program lasts six to 12 months. Treatment will include 42 hours weekly of recovery-based activities designed to empower women in their recovery.

Blue Valley Behavioral Health (BVBH)

Blue Valley Behavioral Health (BVBH) offers comprehensive care to individuals across 16 rural counties in Nebraska. There are several rehab facilities near Columbus offering substance abuse treatment.

At the facility in York, Nebraska, BVBH provides a highly structured intensive outpatient program with a high success rate. This program meets nine hours weekly for six weeks followed by extended aftercare.

Substance Abuse In Columbus And Platte County

In Platte County, where Columbus is the county seat, drug use and addiction are lower than the state average. However, access to addiction treatment is scarce.

  • Over two percent of residents 12 years and older have reported chemical dependence.
  • Nearly four percent of these residents also reported having recently used prescription pain medication to get high.
  • In Platte County, there are only four rehab centers treating substance abuse for a population of nearly 35,000.
  • Only one rehab center in the county offers medication-assisted treatment options.
  • Of those reporting chemical dependence, nearly 90 percent of individuals do not have access to the addiction treatment they need.

It may seem like there are not enough options for those seeking addiction treatment. A person can open the door to many opportunities by traveling to a new area to find a rehab center that fits his or her needs.

Traveling can also help a person complete treatment without distractions and find a program with a shorter waiting list. For more information on finding the best rehab center for you, reach out to a treatment specialist with today.

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