Top 3 Drug Rehab Centers Near Chadron, Nebraska

In Chadron, Nebraska, like many rural towns across the U.S., access to healthcare can be scarce. Individuals looking for addiction recovery programs may not know where to go for alcohol and drug treatment because there are few programs available.

Residents living in Chadron, Nebraska may find that the best option for seeking addiction treatment is traveling for a residential program. This gives a person more options to choose from and allows a person to find a program that will meet his or her needs.

Rehab Centers In Chadron, Nebraska

There is only one rehab center in Chadron, Nebraska that offers addiction treatment. This facility offers both outpatient and residential treatment programs. However, since it is the only rehab center in the area, there may be a waiting list for residential treatment.

Northeast Panhandle Substance Abuse Center

With eight residential beds and a highly structured treatment schedule, individuals can have confidence that treatment at NEPSAC is supportive with full recovery in mind.

Individuals complete 45 hours of weekly, recovery-based treatment during their residential stay. A combination of individual counseling, group activities, and drug and alcohol education optimize each person’s path towards recovery.

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Rehab Centers Near Chadron, Nebraska

Since there is only one rehab center within 40 miles of Chadron, Nebraska, residents may still want to consider traveling for residential treatment. The waiting list for the program may be long since treatment options in Chadron are scarce.

Many of the rehab centers nearest to Chadron, Nebraska are located in Hot Springs, South Dakota. Traveling farther for addiction treatment may provide an individual with a supportive environment free from distractions.

Addiction Recovery Center Of The Black Hills

Forty-five minutes from Chadron, Addiction Recovery Center offers several treatment modalities and individualized treatment programs for those recovering from addiction.

Following a one-on-one chemical dependency evaluation, staff members recommend services that fit the needs of each individual. The intensive outpatient program provides a combination of individual and group counseling and meets nine hours weekly.

Although there are no residential options at the Addiction Recovery Center, there are flexible scheduling options for each program.

Human Services, Inc.

Human Services, Inc. offers several levels of residential care for both adolescents and adults. The length of each program varies depending on the individual’s needs with both short-term and long-term arrangements.

Human Services, Inc. requires a current TB screening for admission to all residential programs. For individuals who already have a current negative TB screen, there is usually no waiting list and individuals can start their program shortly after the initial evaluation.

Substance Abuse In Chadron And Dawes County

In Dawes County, where Chadron is the county seat, the biggest barrier to substance abuse treatment is a lack of rehab centers.

  • Over 2 percent of those 12 years and older self-report chemical dependency.
  • Nearly 3.5 percent of Dawes County residents have reported using a prescription pain medication for non-medical use.
  • Among those struggling through addiction, 85 percent report that they do not have access to the addiction treatment that they need.
  • There is only one facility in Dawes County that offers substance abuse treatment.

Despite a shortage of treatment options nearby, those living in Chadron have more options available than they might think. Many people find that traveling for an addiction treatment program expands their opportunities for lasting recovery.

With any big decision, it helps to talk to someone about your questions and concerns. If you have any questions about what it takes to find a rehab center that will fit your needs, please reach out to a treatment specialist with

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