Drug Rehab Centers in Poplar Bluff, Missouri

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Drug Rehab Centers in Poplar Bluff, Missouri

Poplar Bluff is a small city nestled along the Black River in Missouri. While this is a small city, it is no stranger to the drug epidemic that has been sweeping the country. Fortunately, Poplar Bluff is home to a variety of rehab centers offering treatment to all who need it.

Poplar Bluff, Missouri sits along the Black River and is home to more than 17,200 people as of 2016 estimates. This small city encompasses all of Butler County and is the county seat. The country’s largest nail manufacturer, Mid-Continent Steel and Wire, is headquartered in Poplar Bluff and was responsible for 50 percent of the United States’ nail production for 2018.

Rehab Centers In Poplar Bluff, Missouri

Poplar Bluff is the site of several outpatient rehab centers that focus on specific populations. The two listed provide an overview of the services available.

Rehab Centers Near Poplar Bluff, Missouri

Look beyond the small city of Poplar Bluff and more opportunities for rehab centers emerge.

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Substance Abuse In Poplar Bluff And Butler County

Poplar Bluff and Butler County have seen the incidences of substance use disorder and its related consequences increase within the past few years. The statistics below demonstrate this in a startling manner.

  • In Butler County, 458 individuals were admitted to substance use treatment centers.
  • Of these, 279 were males while 179 were females.
  • Co-occurring psychological problems were identified in 245 individuals who were treated.
  • Stimulants of any type were cited as the primary drug issue for 151 people, with methamphetamine mentioned by 150 individuals.

Traveling For The Best Program

The pull of home and remaining close during treatment for substance use disorders can be strong. Some individuals, however, have needs that cannot be adequately addressed by rehab centers in Poplar Bluff and the surrounding areas.

Instead, it’s best to consider traveling for the best rehab program to give loved ones a greater chance for success. Speak with one of our treatment specialists today for more information on rehab centers in Missouri.

Missouri Department of Mental Health - https://dmh.mo.gov/media/pdf/2018-butler-county

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