3 Alcohol and Drug Rehab Centers in Owensville, Missouri

Located in east-central Missouri and known as the hub for small businesses across the state, Owensville is a booming town with a modest population and a lot to offer. The surrounding hills and forests of Owensville make it a sight to behold at any season.

If you are ready for a new season in your life without addiction, Owensville could be the place for you to go.

Rehab Centers In Owensville, Missouri

You have decided it is time to get on with living and break free from the cycle of addiction. If you live in or around Owensville, you are in luck. The city is home to a great rehab program that is well-recognized by the state for substance abuse treatment.

Southeast Missouri Behavioral Health

Located on West Highway 28, Southeast Missouri Behavioral Health helps transform torn lives and mend families who have been badly affected by addiction. The rehab facility provides intervention services, evaluations to find the best route of treatment, and counseling services for all involved in an addiction situation.

In addition, Southeast Missouri Behavioral Health provides medication-assisted treatment for those who qualify.

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Rehab Centers Near Owensville, Missouri

If you live in Owensville and do not have access to what you need for substance abuse treatment, do not get discouraged. There is no need to travel too far away from Owensville to get to a treatment program that is suitable for your individualized recovery needs.

CenterPointe Hospital, St. Charles, Missouri

With a quick drive of only 50 miles outside of Owensville, you will arrive at CenterPointe Hospital, which offers substance abuse treatment of varying degrees.

This hospital has a full medical detox program with a voluntary 72-hour hold, residential treatment with daily psychiatric treatment, and outpatient counseling for groups, individuals, and families affected by addiction.

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Community Treatment Inc., Hillsboro, Missouri

Located roughly 50 miles away from Owensville, Community Treatment Inc. (ComTrea) provides a range of treatment options for those who are facing addiction. Their outpatient counseling program is considered one of the best in the state of Missouri and offers medication for addiction treatment as well.

The facility focuses on providing treatment through every step of recovery, even if it means referrals to another place.

Substance Abuse In Owensville And Gasconade County

Much like the rest of the nation, Owensville has seen an uptick in problems with substance abuse. The more you understand you are not alone with your struggle with addiction, the easier it can be to seek treatment.

A few statistics to know about Owensville, Gasconade County, and the state of Missouri include:

  • 13 residents lost their lives between 2013 and 2015 due to drugs or alcohol in Gasconade County.
  • 79 individuals from Gasconade County with an addiction of some form sought treatment in 2017.
  • There were more than 900 overdose deaths of Missouri residents in 2017.
  • At least four individuals in Gasconade County died from a heroin overdose between 2013 and 2017.

Traveling For The Best Program

It is rarely easy to come to the conclusion that you need professional help to recover from a substance abuse problem. Learning that you have to go away from home for treatment can seem like a hurdle.

However, repositioning yourself in a new place while in recovery gives you the opportunity to break away from the norm and your usual environment. Talk to one of our treatment specialists for help with getting to the best addiction treatment program in Missouri.

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