2 Alcohol and Drug Rehab Centers in Neosho, Missouri

Known locally as Flower Box City and The City of Springs, Neosho, Missouri is a small town with a rich history that reaches deep into native America. Neosho is home to a respectable population of just over 11,000 individuals and was actually founded in the early 1800s.

If you know it is time for you to put addiction in your past and see a brighter future, Neosho could be the city where you begin your journey.

Rehab Centers In Neosho, Missouri

Once you have made a commitment to finding a substance abuse program for you, it is time to look at your options and resources. In Neosho, there are a couple of different options available for those seeking treatment.

Family Self Help Center Inc. Lafayette House

The Family Self Help Center Inc. Lafayette House offers substance use disorder treatment for those who are ready to make a change in their lives. The center provides treatment for women and their dependent children on a residential or outpatient basis.

Lafayette House aims to make it possible for families to fully recover from addiction with ongoing therapy for everyone involved.

Ozark Center/New Directions Neosho Office

Ozark Center provides behavioral health services throughout the state of Missouri, including in their New Directions office in Neosho. The facility provides residential treatment services, family services, medical detox, and outpatient counseling, among other services.

A unique service provided by Ozark facilities is walk-in substance abuse assessments to help those seeking help understand how they can get the best treatment and what treatment would be like.

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Rehab Centers Near Neosho, Missouri

If you do not have access to the type of substance abuse treatment you need in Neosho, the city is located close enough to larger places to find just what you need. You will not have a long distance to travel to get to the right kind of rehab program to help you achieve a sober life.

BHG Treatment Center, Joplin, Missouri

Located about 16 miles away from Neosho, BHG Treatment Center is an excellent resource for those who need to break free from opioid dependence. The facility believes that opioid addiction is a complex medical issue and deserves adequate treatment because of it. BHG provides outpatient treatment and counseling, as well as medication-assisted treatment.

Substance Abuse In Neosho And Newton County

Substance abuse and its vast effects has touched small towns, big cities, and every community in between in the United States. Unfortunately, Neosho has also had problems with substance abuse and drug-related crime.

A few statistics you should know about Neosho, Newton County, and the state of Missouri include:

  • About 477,000 Missourians have a drug or alcohol abuse problem.
  • There were 38 drug- or alcohol-induced deaths in Newton County between 2013 and 2015.
  • 306 individuals from Newton County sought addiction treatment in 2017; 98 for methamphetamine.

Traveling For The Best Program

In a lot of ways, your decision to get sober will be like taking a new journey. Therefore, finding treatment in a place where you have never been before can complement your efforts to make a change in your life.

If you would like to talk to a treatment specialist about finding the best substance abuse program in Missouri, reach out to us today.

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