Top 3 Drug Rehab Centers Near Linn Creek, Missouri

Settled in 1841 in the central part of the state of Missouri, Linn Creek is one of the smallest towns in the area with a population of only about 300 souls. Originally, Linn Creek was located where the Lake of Ozarks is now situated.

When the dam was built and the lake was created, the city of Linn Creek was moved. If you are ready to move away from a life of addiction, Linn Creek could be the place that you need to be.

Rehab Centers In Linn Creek, Missouri

It is pretty rare for a town as small as Linn Creek to have access to drug abuse rehabilitation facilities. However, this small town is lucky enough to be home to a facility under one of the best-known names in addiction recovery.

Compass Health Network Cedar Ridge Treatment Center

Compass Health Network Inc. is a top-notch treatment facility that provides a comprehensive list of services for individuals who need help with substance abuse problems across multiple states.

The rehab facility in Linn Creek, Cedar Ridge, offers outpatient and residential treatment with special programs designated to those who have a co-occurring mental illness. Additionally, the facility offers day treatment programs for those in sober living during recovery.

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Rehab Centers Near Linn Creek, Missouri

Linn Creek is located in the central part of the state, which means there are ample opportunities for alcohol or drug treatment within fairly close ranges. You will not have to go far to access rehab programs that will specifically cater to your treatment needs.

Southeast Missouri Behavioral Health, Inc., Waynesville, Missouri

Located just 30 miles from the small town of Linn Creek, Southeast Missouri Behavioral Health (SMBH) is easily accessible. The facility boasts a professional group of treatment providers who are ready to help those struggling with addiction take back the reins.

Their primary form of treatment is medication-assisted treatment with Suboxone, but SMBH also offers outpatient counseling for individuals, groups, and families.

Recovery Lighthouse, Inc., Sedalia, Missouri

Recovery Lighthouse, Inc. is a non-profit addiction treatment facility located roughly 50 miles from the town of Linn Creek in Sedalia. One of the few rehab facilities in the area that offers services completely free of charge, Recovery Lighthouse offers outpatient assistance and counseling for those affected by addiction.

Substance Abuse In Linn Creek And Camden County

The United States has been facing a war with opioids and drug addiction for some years. Unfortunately, even small towns like Linn Creek have had problems. Take a look at some of the statistics associated with drug abuse in Linn Creek, Camden County, and the state of Missouri:

  • There were 32 drug- or alcohol-induced deaths between the years of 2013 and 2015 in Camden County.
  • 264 individuals from Camden County were admitted for substance abuse or addiction treatment in 2017.
  • The number of drug-related deaths in the state of Missouri has been steadily climbing and reached an all-time high in 2017 of almost 1,000 lost lives.

Traveling For The Best Program

The idea of uprooting your life to seek treatment for substance abuse may sound intimidating. However, many people actually choose to travel for drug rehabilitation because it takes them away from the environment where addiction first began.

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