2 Alcohol and Drug Rehab Centers in Branson, Missouri

Branson, Missouri, is a well-known city that spans two counties in the state. Although the majority of the city is in Taney County, a small portion is contained in Stone County. Branson is a popular tourist destination, offering ziplining, wineries, a wax museum, and countless other attractions. Branson is also home to addiction treatment facilities dedicated to addressing the rising rate of addiction in the country.

Rehab Centers In Branson, Missouri

Residents in Branson looking for alcohol and drug rehab centers have a few options available to them. Below are some of the addiction treatment facilities available in Branson.

The Simmering Center

The Simmering Center is a Branson addiction recovery facility that offers symptom stabilization services, which is similar to detoxification. This rehab facility also offers structured housing, which can serve as many as three dozen patients at one time.

In addition to housing with continuous supervision, the Simmering Center also offers trauma education, basic life skills classes, 12-step support, and other services.


CORE, which stands for “Communities of Recovery Experience,” provides safe housing and life instruction to individuals who are recovering from substance use disorders. During treatment, clients are required to stay sober.

They are also required to attend life skills classes, which may focus on personal finance, healthy lifestyle choices, or other important topics.

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Rehab Centers Near Branson, Missouri

Although Branson offers a few addiction treatment centers, some patients may decide to travel to other cities to find more options. Springfield, which is less than an hour from Branson, offers several more rehab facilities for individuals seeking addiction treatment. Some of the rehab centers available in the city of Springfield include:

A And M Recovery

A and M Recovery offers an outpatient treatment program to individuals who are addicted to alcohol or other drugs. This treatment facility believes that treatment should be holistic in nature, which means that it will focus on improving every aspect of the patient’s life.

Programs at this facility are 16 weeks in length and incorporate several different treatment methods, including group therapy and individual counseling.

CoxHealth Center For Addictions

The CoxHealth Center for Addictions offers an outpatient program to patients with substance use disorders. This rehab facility is one of the largest in all of Southwest Missouri. Services available include medication-assisted treatment, family counseling, individual counseling, and more. All treatment programs are customized to meet the needs of the participant.

Higher Ground Recovery Center

Another addiction treatment facility available in Springfield is the Higher Ground Recovery Center. This rehab facility provides outpatient treatment based on Biblical principles.

The goal of treatment here is to address all aspects of addiction, including mental, physical, and spiritual components. Treatment at the Higher Ground Recovery Center is consistent with the 12-step approach.

Substance Abuse In Branson And Taney County

Like most states in the nation, Missouri is experiencing a high incidence of substance abuse. The Missouri Department of Health & Senior Services reports that Taney County saw a total of 570 admissions for substance abuse treatment in 2017.

It is likely that the actual number of people dealing with addiction in this area is much higher, as a significant number of people in need of addiction treatment have not yet enrolled.

Traveling For The Best Treatment

If you are dealing with addiction, finding high quality, professional addiction treatment will maximize your chances of recovering successfully. In some cases, this may mean that you need to travel to another city to find an appropriate program.

For more information about finding addiction treatment in Missouri, please contact RehabCenter.net.

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