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Raleigh City: Substance Abuse Rehabilitation

Nestled in central Mississippi, Raleigh City is the county seat of Smith County. Once known as Indian Springs, Raleigh City is rich in history, notably in its role of the defeat of the Confederate Army in Vicksburg. With an average of 216 days a year of beautiful sunshine, and situated in a "dry county," that prohibits the distribution of alcohol, Raleigh City is an excellent city to recover from substance abuse and addiction.

Substance abuse and addiction, what is it?

Substance abuse is defined as the overindulgence of a substance that has psychoactive properties such as drugs and alcohol. Addiction is what happens when substance abuse turns into dependence. In Smith County, Mississippi, where Raleigh County is located, the most widely used substances are alcohol, methamphetamine, marijuana, cocaine, and other opiates. All of these substances are different in how they affect a person, but dependence is certainly treatable. If you believe that you are in need of treatment for substance abuse and addiction, there is help.

Weems Community Health Center

In Raleigh City, the leading substance abuse rehabilitation facility is the Weems Community Health Center. Certified by the Department of Mental Health, Weems carries out its services in accordance with standardized procedures. Due to this, the center assuredly provides services that are professional, ethical, moral, and legal.

Services offered

The Center offers drug and alcohol treatment for both inpatient, and outpatient. They also offer treatment based on your rehabilitation needs, and age. If you need to know what program best fits your needs the descriptions of the programs are as follows:

Residential 30-day treatment

This inpatient treatment is for those who have more severe substance abuse and addiction issues. The program is designated for adults aged 18 and older, and allows both men and women. It houses 36 beds, and admits clients based on availability.

Secondary Residential Treatment

This is a secondary residential program for those who have completed the 30 day inpatient program. Clients are welcome to stay at the three-quarterway house for up to 60 days, post-rehab. This program allows for you to work during the day, while you continue to recover.

Intensive Outpatient Program

The Intensive Outpatient Program, also known as IOP, is designed for clients with less sever substance abuse issues. It is structured over the course of 10 weeks, with an emphasis on individualized counseling and 3 group meetings a week. All sessions are scheduled after hours so that you can continue to work while receiving the care that you need.

Adolescent Intensive Outpatient Treatment

Similar to the intensive outpatient program, this program spans over 10 weeks, and is comprised of 3 group sessions a week with individualized counseling. It is specifically for adolescents under 18.

DUI Program

This is a program that is approved by the state of Mississippi, and may allow you to re-obtain your driver's license up to two years earlier than indicated after completion of the program. If you have lost your driver's license due to a DUI citation, this may be the program for you.

Opioid Replacement Education Group

If you have an interest in learning about medication for treating opioid addicition, this is the program for you.


Weems Community Health Center is an affordable rehabilitation facility. 30 day inpatient treatment is $3000, and is all-inclusive. Extended treatment is $1290 for an additional 30 days. If eligible, clients may also be able to receive coverage of costs through the Office of Vocational Rehabilitation with the State of Mississippi.

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