Alcohol and Drug Rehab Centers in Pittsboro, Mississippi

1 Drug and Alcohol Rehab Center in Pittsboro, MS

Located in Calhoun County, MS, the tiny village of less than 300 people offers those needing addiction treatment the perfect sanctuary while they focus on their recovery and healing. Many people find that distancing themselves from the toxic habits and people that surround their personal life to come receive treatment in a quiet and peaceful setting where the stresses of real life can temporarily fade is the best way to get clean and put away the destructive addictions. With a small population yet close proximity to other, larger cities such as Memphis, TN, it is easy to see why the welcoming community of Pittsboro is the ideal place to begin your journey towards long-term sobriety.

Battling Substance Abuse and Addiction in Pittsboro

Though the state of Mississippi is doing what it can to clean up the state's drug problems, residents of the small southern village suffer with the same drug and alcohol addictions as the rest of the country. The state's youth, specifically, struggle with problems that are associated with adolescent drinking and the abuse of drugs like marijuana, cocaine, and methamphetamine. Many of these people need the help of a professional and reputable drug and alcohol rehabilitation center in order to overcome and fully beat their addictions.

Addiction Treatment Centers in Pittsboro

For anyone needing help with a drug or substance abuse addiction, the community of Pittsboro offers 1 excellent drug rehab center.

The Communicare Calhoun County Office (CCCO) provides top-level care and the widest spectrum of addiction treatment available today. Because the center in Pittsboro takes a holistic approach to rehabilitation treatment, patients can expect to find the very best in compassionate and professional care here. A competent staff of physicians, nurses, counselors, and other medical professionals are on site each day to oversee each patient's needs and to monitor their progress throughout the length of their stay, including during the exhausting and physically challenging detox phase.

Recovery at the Community Calhoun County Office will be individualized to meet each patient's specific needs, in order to ensure every patient reaches their goal of sobriety. We also teach our patients several fundamental tools that can be used to help keep them on the right path in the future. Whether the individual could benefit from a 30-day, 60-day, 90-day, or a 120-day treatment program, we are ready to jumpstart the recovery process and follow each patient through until the end.

The friendly and competent staff at CCCO also specializes in offering ASL or hearing impaired services for anyone who may be in need. Furthermore, for patients who have already completed an addiction program but still feel they would benefit from on-going support, we offer a wonderful outpatient counseling program where patients are taught useful tips for staying clean once they depart the center, such as positive coping skills, stress management, and more. This post-treatment outpatient counseling option is especially important to anyone who is serious about maintaining their sobriety long-term.

Getting sober may be one of the largest challenges of a person's life, but with the help of a trained and caring staff like that at Communicare Calhoun County Office, the process doesn't have to be difficult or painful. Our goal is to help people get back on their feet so that they can turn their life around for the better.

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