Alcohol and Drug Rehab Centers in Philadelphia, Mississippi

Drug and Alcohol Rehab in Philadelphia, Mississippi

Philadelphia has for a long time remained as one of the premier agricultural producers in Dixieland. Nonetheless, Philadelphia's current economy is dependent on shipbuilding, automobile, gaming, and aerospace industries. Besides, Philadelphia is popularly known for being the home to some of the finest musical forms in the world. Though the level of illicit drug abuse is relatively low in Philadelphia, the region is still hampered by significant levels of alcoholism. According to the national statistics by the US government, methamphetamine, marijuana, and cocaine are the commonly abused illicit drugs in the city. Similarly, prescription drug abuse has recently been indicated by various statistics to be on the rise. Fortunately, Philadelphia hosts one quality drug and alcohol rehab center where addicted people can check in and get rehabilitated.

Philadelphia Weather

The climate in Philadelphia is humid continental, which is characterized by hot summers and no dry seasons. However, the right time to visit the city is from March to May, when the weather thaws from the cold winters. March and May are also the right seasons when moderate rooms can be found at the hotels.

Lodging Facilities in Philadelphia

The city posts of a variety of lodging facilities, which range from expensive to affordable ones. Depending on your ability, you can select the lodging facilities that are within your economic reach. By average, you can get accommodation services starting from $40 to $90 per night. The following are the lodging facilities where you can get these prices: Dancing Rabbit Inn, Supper Inn & Suites, Holiday Inn Express & Suites, Pearl River Resort, Hotels Inn Philadelphia, and West In.

Rehab Centers in Philadelphia

Located at 1415 College Drive, Meridian, the Weems Community Mental Health Center is the only facility in Philadelphia that deals with drug and alcohol abuse rehabilitation. The facility offers a host of drug and alcohol rehab programs in Philadelphia. The treatment programs in this facility are either inpatient or outpatient depending. The outpatient rehab program is offered in the cases that have not advanced to the dependence stage. On the other hand, the inpatient program is offered to those patients who have severe cases of drug and alcohol abuse. Contrary to the outpatient programs, the Weems Community Mental Health Center inpatient program offers controlled treatment processes that allow the patients total recovery. Additionally, this facility provides short-term drug and alcohol rehab services for those patients whose abuse stage is still a year old or less.

The normal stay length for these programs is a 30-day stay or less. Moreover, the Weems Community Mental Health Center offers long-term rehab services to the patients whose abuse cases have reached advanced levels. Comparatively, this form of rehab program has been indicated to be the most effective strategy for dealing with drug and alcohol abuse cases. Typically, the long-term rehab programs at the Weems Community Mental Health Center require the patients to have a 60-day or a 90-day stay in the facility for intensive treatment. This program is ideal for the patients because it is based on a safe and secure environment free of drugs, meaning that they can be able to recover both physically and mentally without any form of interruptions. Normally, the Weems Community Mental Health Center Management encourages the patients to pursue the long-term inpatient treatment option for an optimum amount of time to eliminate any chances of a relapse when the program is over. The fact that the process of detoxifying the body and becoming physically stable requires a minimum of three weeks, the three to four months set for long-term inpatient drug and alcohol treatment is enough to allow a complete recovery from the conditions.

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