Alcohol and Drug Rehab Centers in Keesler AFB, Mississippi

Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation Programs Near Keesler AFB

Drug and alcohol addiction is a serious health problem and it is important to find a drug and alcohol rehab center that can help you or loved one to overcome a very serious addiction. Biloxi, the city surrounding Keesler Air Force bases, offers many drug and alcohol rehabilitation centers in which you can find effective treatment.

Keesler AFB and Biloxi are smaller cities than Los Angeles or New York (two cities with prominent rehab centers), which means you'll have less crime to worry about, as well as more private and specialized treatment options. The area is also fairly mild, although somewhat rainy, so it's a good idea to bring a raincoat and warm clothes to stay comfortable during your visit. And friends and family who want to travel with you for support can stay at lodging centers like the popular White House Hotel.

Unfortunately, Mississippi is plagued by cocaine, methamphetamine, and marijuana use, as these drugs are easier to obtain and inexpensive to purchase. Even more troubling, prescription drugs have now begun to be a problem in the area. Many people are becoming addicted to prescription drugs such as Oxycodone.

Thankfully, there is an ADAPT program on the base that deals with both drug and alcohol addiction. While they are not an inpatient facility, they do provide outpatient counseling services for addiction treatment. This program uses a dual treatment program that uses a mix of both substance abuse and mental health services. This clinic also specializes in court ordered DUI/DWI treatment services. This is a great clinic available to military personnel and their families and one that accepts military insurance and self-payment.

In Biloxi, there is an excellent program available to veterans. The Gulf Coast Veterans Health Care System Biloxi offers work programs that allow veterans to receive employment and housing as part of a program to help them fight alcohol and drug addiction. This type of program is available at many VA facilities across the country. The VA offers partial inpatient programs to help veterans detox and receive treatment for addiction.

Most programs are a minimum of 30 days, though they be increased to 60 or 90 days depending on how much treatment they need or if they are in transition to finding a long-term residential program. In addition, this facility offers both outpatient and day programs. Outpatient programs offer counseling and 12-Step meetings for veterans who do not require inpatient treatment.

The day program is a transition program from the inpatient programs. In this program, the veteran would visit the facility for a few hours a day to receive counseling, medical monitoring, and other types of therapy to help them maintain their sobriety and begin their new life. Payment includes self-pay options, Medicare, Medicaid, and military insurance.

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