Alcohol and Drug Rehab Centers in Corinth, Mississippi

Corinth is a city that offers the kind of peaceful and welcoming atmosphere that anyone seeking addiction treatment will enjoy. Corinth is an intimate, homey location of around 15,000 people. This allows a kind of relaxed, small-town feel. Coupled with the warm, sunny weather seen throughout the majority of the year and you have a healthy environment for addiction recovery.

Beyond the weather, Corinth offers inspiring landscapes, fresh air, and friendly people to make the recovery process easier. If you have visiting family members, there are a number of different locations to stay, such as a Holiday Inn and a Quality Inn. This allows anyone going through addiction recovery to benefit from having their loved ones nearby and even lets you experience the benefits of family therapy.

Methamphetamine use has grown exponentially in Mississippi as has heroin use and crack cocaine. Also on the rise is the use of OxyContin and other opiates, which is why the state has created programs specifically targeted for people with these types of addictions.

Treatment Center In Corinth, Mississippi

The treatment center in Corinth is Region IV MH/MR Commission. This center offers substance abuse treatment options of all kinds, including a detoxification program that is safe and effective. They offer outpatient counseling for people on the path to recovery, as well as halfway houses and sober living facilities to help people transition safely from the health center to normal life.

The residential treatment options offer lengths of 30, 60, 90, and even 120-day stays. There are also options for people suffering from addiction that can be less than 30 days, which are especially useful for patients who need help but cannot stay for an entire month. This center offers treatment for addictions of all kinds, from alcohol to prescription medications. It provides dual diagnosis treatment for those with addiction and mental disorders, as well as court-prescribed DUI treatment.

For anyone struggling with addiction, Corinth, Mississippi offers the right treatment options. Whether as a resident or as an outpatient, Region IV MH/MR Commission is a state-of-the-art treatment facility that will make the process much easier and less stressful for everyone involved in addiction recovery. To learn more about this facility and your payment options, please contact us at to learn more.

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