Alcohol and Drug Rehab Centers in Bay Saint Louis, Mississippi

1 Drug and Alcohol Rehab in Bay Saint Louis, Mississippi

Located on the Bay of Saint Louis and considered to be part of the Gulfport-Biloxi, Mississippi Metropolitan Statistical Area, the city of Bay Saint Louis, Mississippi, offers those individuals in need of professional addiction treatment a place to start fresh while focusing on their recovery. Like the approximate 10,000 residents of the city who were severely affected by Hurricane Katrina in August of 2005, the city has been rebuilding its walls and beginning anew. If you, too, desire a new beginning and split from your alcohol or substance abuse, come take refuge in the friendly southern MS community while making your health and sobriety your top priority.

Alcohol and Substance Abuse in Bay Saint Louis, Mississippi

Residents of the state of Mississippi struggle with the same addictions as the rest of the country's population - alcohol, marijuana, cocaine, methamphetamine, prescription drugs, and more. The high numbers of substance addictions among Bay Saint Louis residents specifically is an alarming trend that needs to be addressed now, in order to prevent more tragedies (i.e., accidental overdoses and automobile crashes) from unfolding in the future. Bay Saint Louis is the ideal place to recover, since its humid, warm climate--summer high temperatures reach an average of 86 F or higher--may be more comfortable for someone who is going through the withdrawal process, and its friendly residents endorse a positive attitude that can be adopted and continued post-treatment.

1 Drug Addiction Rehab Center in Bay Saint Louis, MS

Bay Saint Louis offers Mississippi residents treatment in the Gulf Coast Mental Health Treatment Center. This center takes a holistic approach to treatment so that their patients can heal physically, emotionally, and even spiritually. A staff of d physicians, nurses, counselors, and other medical professionals help you through the process of detoxification, outpatient rehab, inpatient rehab, and even aftercare. Program lengths include 30, 60, 90, and even 120 days.

During this process, you will receive individualized care specifically designed to address your needs. For patients who feel as if they could benefit from continuous support, a wonderful outpatient counseling program is also available. It is designed to help individuals stay on the right track by teaching them useful coping skills and stress management methods.

The expert tips and advice offered at these counseling sessions are often an integral and invaluable part of the addiction treatment process, specifically for those who are serious about maintaining their new drug- or alcohol-free lifestyle permanently. The staff members at GCMHTC are dedicated to helping patients reach their goals by helping them regain confidence and control in their lives.

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