Alcohol and Drug Rehab Centers in Ackerman, Mississippi

1 Drug & Alcohol Rehab Center in Ackerman, Mississippi

If you are suffering from a drug addiction in Mississippi, Ackerman might be a good rehab location to consider. Located in the proud center of Dixieland along Highways 2 and 15, it has less than 2,000 residents and offers a warm, snow-free safe haven to recuperate and heal while they begin their journey towards a fresh beginning.

With a population of more than 20% senior citizens, there is a calm and peaceful feeling that seems to invite outsiders. In a place this welcoming, it is easy to see why so many people choose to travel to seek professional addiction treatment in Ackerman.

Addiction Concerns That Strike Those In Mississippi

The state of Mississippi ranks below the national average in terms of overall drug use, but methamphetamine lab seizures have been on the rise in recent years. Unfortunately, that's also true of the abuse of marijuana, cocaine, and alcohol.

Getting sober may be one of the biggest challenges of an individual's life, and getting through the detox phase alone can be too much for many people. That's why rehabilitation is so crucial. Anyone who wishes to quit abusing drugs or alcohol in Ackerman is encouraged to seek professional help, since their chances of reaching their goal of sobriety dramatically increase upon entering an addiction treatment program that is overseen by medical professionals.

Lodging In Ackerman

When your friends and loved ones come to visit you during your stay in Ackerman, they will have many convenient and affordable lodging options to choose. In the nearby town of Lousiville, there is a Quality Inn located off Hwy 15 N that has favorable guest reviews.

And in the city of Starkville, which is about 23 miles away, there is a Drury Inn & Suites where your family members and friends can receive a good night's sleep and a complimentary breakfast. Having friends and family so close to you during recovery can help ensure your success.

Seek Help From A Drug Rehab Treatment Center In Ackerman

In Ackerman, the Community Counseling Services Choctaw County Office (CCSCCO) offers you the kind of rehabilitation experience you deserve. The staff is devoted to delivering the very best in compassionate and professional medical care and addiction treatment for those struggling with an addiction to alcohol or some other mind-altering substance.

Here, they offer several types of inpatient treatment programs to accommodate your schedule, including 30-day, 60-day, 90-day, and 120-day rehabilitation programs.

At CCSCCO, the qualified and competent staff takes a holistic approach to conducting alternative treatment in a medically-managed environment, where each patient will be assessed by their privately assigned physician and counselor. Individual treatment plans are created for each patient to ensure the possibility of a safe and successful rehabilitation each time.

In addition to assisting patients through the various levels of therapy, including the sometimes painful detox phase, CCSCCO offers a comprehensive program that includes outpatient counseling treatment.

This service is especially popular among patients who are truly dedicated to maintaining their sobriety and healthy new lifestyle once they complete treatment at the facility. Knowing that there is ongoing support available to anyone who wants it has helped many patients stay sober long after they've finished treatment and returned home.

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