Top 6 Drug Rehab Centers Near Wilson, Michigan

Wilson, Michigan is an unincorporated community situated in Harris Township just west of Escanaba. It’s also located in a county with one of the highest drug overdose rates in the Upper Peninsula.

Since the community is in a somewhat-remote area, Wilson residents may have to travel long distances for effective addiction treatment.

Rehab Centers In Wilson, Michigan

Currently, there is only one outpatient drug and alcohol rehab center located in Wilson: Hannahville Indian Community.

Hannahville Indian Community

The Hannahville Indian Community program provides counseling to children, adults, couples, and families. They offer an intensive outpatient group that meets Monday through Friday, along with other substance abuse and mental health services. They also offer crisis intervention.

Rehab Centers Near Wilson, Michigan

With so little opportunities for treatment in Wilson, it might be necessary to look at other communities for help. Look for rehab centers in Escanaba, Marquette, and Marinette and Green Bay, Wisconsin.

Catholic Social Services, Escanaba, Michigan

Catholic Social Services offers counseling services under 23 miles from Wilson in Escanaba. Since 1915, Catholic Social Services has worked with towns in the Upper Peninsula to provide a variety of benefits including mental health and substance abuse counseling. There are also Catholic Social Services locations in Marquette and Traverse City.

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Great Lakes Recovery Center, Escanaba, Michigan

Great Lakes Recovery Centers is a full-service organization that provides residential treatment, outpatient care, detox services, medication-assisted treatment, and peer recovery services. The Escanaba office offers outpatient programs. There are additional Upper Peninsula outpatient clinics in Iron Mountain and Ishpeming.

UP Health System Marquette, Marquette, Michigan

UP Health System is a comprehensive medical care network that offers an intensive addiction program and other outpatient services. Their intensive addiction program involves admission to the inpatient unit of the hospital for medical detox and an individualized treatment plan.

The outpatient program includes group therapy, medication-assisted treatment, and continuing care services. They also have a specialized unit for professionals with substance use disorders.

Libertas, Marinette, Wisconsin

Libertas is south of Wilson in Marinette, Wisconsin. They offer adult recovery programs for outpatient services and aftercare. This location will partner with LE Phillips Libertas Treatment Center in Chippewa Falls for residential treatment. Libertas also provides adolescent inpatient and outpatient care in Green Bay.

Green Bay Comprehensive Treatment Center, Green Bay, Wisconsin

The Green Bay Comprehensive Treatment Center specializes in opioid addiction services such as medication-assisted treatment. They also provide individual therapy and group therapy sessions to help patients restore their lives in recovery.

Substance Abuse In Wilson & Menominee County

Menominee County has a higher overdose rate than neighboring counties like Marinette. In fact, it reports higher drug-related deaths than any other county in the Upper Peninsula.

In 2018, Menominee County reported 36.8 overdose deaths per 100,000 people. In comparison, Marinette County had 14.8 deaths per 100,000 residents.

How To Find Addiction Treatment

The biggest challenge for those looking for drug and alcohol treatment in Wilson, Michigan is finding something close to the community. Wilson has just one counseling center, and most other programs are at least 25 miles or more away.

It’s a good idea for families to plan on traveling for treatment and even to consider going out of state to find more rehab centers. To get help with finding addiction treatment today, contact and speak with a treatment specialist.

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