Top 4 Drug Rehab Centers in West Bloomfield, Michigan

West Bloomfield, Michigan is not far from Pontiac, Waterford, and other cities and towns that provide residents with additional rehab programs to explore outside the community.

Within the city limits of West Bloomfield, there are multiple drug and alcohol rehab centers available to treat substance abuse and addiction.

Rehab Centers In West Bloomfield, Michigan

From residential services to outpatient programs, West Bloomfield residents have access to at least three addiction treatment centers in the community.

Henry Ford Maplegrove Center

This treatment center offers different forms of care for adults with addiction. Residential treatment programs include counseling for individuals and families. Patients can also go through medically supervised detox or medication-assisted treatment as needed. Maplegrove Center also offers outpatient treatment programs.

Counseling Associates

Counseling Associates offers treatment for addiction on an outpatient basis, which is designed for individuals with strong support systems. Patients in these programs have sessions with licensed professionals in a private and confidential environment. Outpatient programs focus on helping patients set and work toward short-term goals for recovery.

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ADF Counseling

For those who need outpatient care, ADF Counseling provides individual substance abuse counseling. Each patient can expect to follow a personalized plan for recovery. Patients are encouraged to work with counselors in a supportive environment that allows them to develop life skills, interpersonal skills, and other recovery skills.

Rehab Centers Near West Bloomfield, Michigan

There are additional rehab centers located less than 15 miles from West Bloomfield in Oak Park and other surrounding communities.

Metropolitan Rehabilitation Clinics, Oak Park, Michigan

At this treatment clinic for addiction, adults can receive outpatient care and other services. Those with opioid addiction can undergo treatment with medication, such as Suboxone or methadone, while being supervised to remain safe.

These medications help relieve withdrawal symptoms, so patients can focus on counseling and other steps in recovery. Mental health counseling for those with co-occurring disorders is also offered.

Substance Abuse In West Bloomfield & Oakland County

Opioid overdose and abuse in general have been a growing problem in Oakland County over the past few years. Facts regarding substance abuse in the region include:

  • Between 2014 and 2016, there were a total of 394 drug-related deaths in the county.
  • There were close to 750,000 prescriptions written for opioid substances in 2016 in Oakland County, or roughly 6,000 prescriptions were written per 10,000 individuals.
  • Oakland County had 36 deaths from opioid overdoses in 2016. During that same year, Oakland County had 11 deaths resulting from heroin overdoses.
  • Drug-related fatalities in Oakland County during 2017 occurred four times more often than traffic fatalities and homicides.

How To Find Addiction Treatment

The process of finding and choosing a drug and alcohol rehab program involves comparing a number of options. Doing this rather than automatically going with the first local option is important.

For those who live in West Bloomfield, nearby areas offer different services and programs to consider. This could mean traveling for treatment if a facility outside West Bloomfield has the best option.

For help finding drug and alcohol rehab centers in Michigan or other states, contact today.

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