Top 3 Drug Rehab Centers in Madison Heights, Michigan

Home to just over 30,000 residents, Madison Heights, Michigan is part of the Detroit metro area. Two major roads, I-75 and I-696, make reaching and leaving the city convenient.

In addition to being home to over 100 name brand businesses such as Coca-Cola and CVS Pharmacy, Madison Heights residents have options for drug and alcohol rehabilitation both in and around the city.

Rehab Centers In Madison Heights, Michigan

Though Madison Heights is well positioned to obtain a variety of services from nearby communities, the city offers access to one rehab center within its borders.

Madison Heights Outpatient Recovery & Wellness Services

At the Madison Heights Outpatient Recovery & Wellness Services of Sacred Heart Rehabilitation Center, individuals have access to medication-assisted treatment and outpatient services.

Employing a 12-step approach, this facility also offers individual and group therapy as well as focus groups that best match the patient’s particular conditions. Co-occurring medical conditions can also be addressed during treatment.

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Rehab Centers Near Madison Heights, Michigan

Madison Height’s convenient location near larger cities like Troy and Detroit provide its residents with extended options for addiction treatment.

Detroit Rescue Mission Ministries, Detroit, Michigan

While the Detroit Rescue Mission Ministries receives many of their referrals and its related funding through the court system and various agencies, the organization also provides substance abuse treatment services to those who don’t meet those agencies guidelines.

A lack of insurance is not an issue when receiving treatment at this faith-based organization because contributions from individual donors provide the required funding.

River’s Bend PC, Troy, Michigan

At River’s Bend PC, both adults over the age of 18 and adolescents between the ages of 12 and 17 can receive a variety of substance abuse treatment services. Following a complete physical and mental health assessment by the staff, the appropriate level of treatment is then recommended to the individual.

Ambulatory detoxification, Suboxone detoxification, counseling, and early recovery groups are just a few of the treatment options available at this facility.

Substance Abuse In Madison Heights & Oakland County

The Oakland Press published a series of startling statistics that paint a grim picture regarding the role of substance abuse within the county. Consider the following:

  • In 2017, drug overdose deaths numbered almost four times as many as both traffic accidents and homicides combined.
  • That year, 70 people died in traffic accidents while 12 died as the result of homicides. Drug overdoses were responsible for 312 deaths.
  • In just one decade, 2,344 residents of Oakland County died of drug overdoses.
  • Oakland County had 180 overdose deaths in 2008. By 2017, that number had jumped 73 percent to 312 deaths.
  • Of those 312 overdose deaths in 2017, 109 demonstrated the presence of fentanyl.

How To Find Addiction Treatment

For friends and families of individuals struggling with a substance use disorder, attempting to find the best rehab center to meet their loved ones’ needs is a top priority. Being willing to travel outside the Madison Heights city limits opens up more treatment options.

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