Top 4 Drug Rehab Centers in Hastings, Michigan

Hastings, Michigan is the seat of Barry County, as well as the only city in the county. The town is home to 7,300 people, and each year over 3,000 people converge on the town for its annual Barry-Roubaix cycling event.

Even though it’s a small community in a quiet county, Hastings residents can still struggle with addiction. For care and support, local treatment centers are available.

Rehab Centers In Hastings, Michigan

Hastings is home to at least two drug and alcohol rehab centers: Barry County Community Mental Health Authority and Pine Rest Christian Mental Health Services.

Barry County Community Mental Health Authority

The Barry County Community Mental Health Authority treats substance use disorders on an outpatient basis. The program includes treatment and services for both families and adults, and includes intensive and traditional outpatient therapy. Individual and group therapy combined with medication-assisted treatment is also available.

Pine Rest Christian Mental Health Services

The Hastings office of Pine Rest Christian Mental Health Services offers outpatient treatment for those with addiction, as well as access to Pine Rest’s additional treatment services in other communities, which include residential treatment options. Individual, group, and couples counseling, as well as a focus on family services, are also available at the Hastings office.

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Rehab Centers Near Hastings, Michigan

Within 25 miles of Hastings, those seeking treatment options will find several more opportunities in Augusta and Battle Creek.

Skywood Recovery, Augusta, Michigan

Skywood Recovery treats addiction through residential programming, which is followed by outpatient treatment. This facility also provides services for co-occurring mental health needs, and the facility uses alternative treatment options like art therapy, equine therapy, and experiential therapy. Family programming is also offered for added support.

A Forever Recovery, Battle Creek, Michigan

A Forever Recovery in Battle Creek offers medically supervised inpatient detox and residential treatment services that includes medication-assisted treatment. Patients at A Forever Recovery are able to choose from a variety of treatment tracks to ensure the right fit for their rehab journey. This includes 12-Step facilitation as well as a religious-based treatment program.

Substance Abuse In Hastings & Barry County

Since Barry County’s only community is the city of Hastings, addiction statistics for the county also relate to statistics in the city. In spite of its small size, Hastings and Barry County still find themselves struggling with addiction:

  • In Barry County, nine people died due to drug overdose in 2016.
  • Opioids were the most common reason for these deaths, and were involved in five fatalities.
  • Heroin was responsible for one of the deaths.
  • In 2014, over four percent of the population admitted to non-medical use of pain relievers.
  • Also in 2014, almost three percent of the population admitted to drug dependence.

How To Find Addiction Treatment

Traveling for treatment can often be effective for finding a program straight away. Not only does traveling open the door to more available and personalized treatment options, but it also helps individuals get away from the temptations that the home environment creates that can increase the risk of relapse.

With many treatment facilities around the country, the opportunities are excellent for those willing to travel. To learn more about opportunities both in Hastings and elsewhere, reach out to an addiction treatment specialist at for help.

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