Top 4 Drug Rehab Centers Near Grand Haven, Michigan

Located on Lake Michigan where it meets the Grand River, Grand Haven is the county seat of Ottawa County. Approximately 10,905 people called the city home, according to a 2017 estimate.

Unfortunately, some of the people in Grand Haven suffer from addiction. To provide help and support for families and individuals, rehab centers are available in the local area.

Rehab Centers In Grand Haven, Michigan

Currently, there is one drug and alcohol rehab center in Grand Haven that provides treatment: Ottagan Addictions Recovery.

Ottagan Addictions Recovery (OAR)

As a provider of outpatient substance abuse treatment services, Ottagan Addictions Recovery (OAR) offers intensive outpatient therapy. Group, individual, and family therapy, as well as several types of assessments, are also provided. Using a personalized and evidence-based approach, OAR has assisted people in recovery for more than 45 years.

Rehab Centers Near Grand Haven, Michigan

Travel between 20-35 miles and the options for rehab centers expand. Near Grand Haven, treatment centers can be found in Grand Rapids and Holland.

Guiding Light Recovery, Grand Rapids, Michigan

Following a Christian-centered philosophy, Guiding Light Recovery offers men over the age of 18 a number of programs designed to support their efforts. Guiding Light Recovery is a four- to a six-month-long program that is both comprehensive and private. Using a combination of spiritual direction, therapy, and evidence-based practices Guiding Light Recovery supports each person.

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Arbor Circle, Holland, Michigan

At Arbor Circle, the focus is on providing the services and support individuals need to recover from drug and/or alcohol use and abuse. Women who are pregnant and/or parenting minor children are given priority for Arbor Circle’s services. Advocacy, crisis intervention, family and individual therapy, and peer support are just a few of the services provided.

Iron House, Grand Rapids, Michigan

The Iron House program is comprised of one sober living apartment building in downtown Grand Rapids and three apartment buildings in Kentwood. In this program, men are expected to hold down full-time jobs, pay their own bills on time, and engage with other residents on a regular basis to build community support.

Substance Abuse In Grand Haven & Ottawa County

Data gathered by MLive exposes the harsh realities and effects that substance abuse has enacted on the residents of Ottawa County and their loved ones. Take a look at some facts related to substance abuse in the area:

  • In 1999, five people died as a result of drug overdose. By 2016, that number had jumped to 39.
  • In 2016, opioids, including heroin, were to blame in 30 of the 39 drug overdose deaths.
  • Four of those deaths were attributed to heroin while 26 involved other opioids.

How To Find Addiction Treatment

Although Grand Haven is a pleasant place to be and offers many amenities for its residents, finding an appropriate addiction treatment center may require travel.

When local options are limited, programs often have waiting lists or are overbooked. Traveling for treatment can help families find programs with the availability and proper care their loved one needs.

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