Top 4 Drug Rehab Centers in Clarkston, Michigan

Clarkston, Michigan is a community with around 900 residents in Oakland County. It spans just one-half square mile and is completely surrounded by Independence Township. Though the community is small, it offers quite a few activities and amenities for its residents. Some of the opportunities within Clarkston also include a number of addiction treatment centers to help residents battle and overcome addiction.

Rehab Centers In Clarkston, Michigan

Clarkston has several drug and alcohol rehab centers for people interested in treating their substance abuse problems.

North Oakland Counseling Associates

North Oakland Counseling Associates offers treatment for addiction as well as other mental health needs. This center uses individual and family counseling to provide outpatient treatment. Secretary of State evaluations and treatment for gambling addiction are part of the service offerings at North Oakland Counseling Associates.

Advanced Counseling Services

Advanced Counseling Services offers treatment for substance abuse, as well as other mental health concerns. Individual psychotherapy, family counseling, and relationship therapy are part of the treatments used to help people manage addiction. The addition of stress and anger management, as well as medication management, help make treatment more effective.

Heron Ridge Associates

Heron Ridge Associates offers counseling for a range of problems, including substance abuse. The team of counselors and therapists help patients learn to manage their mental health conditions to start out a new lifestyle free from these struggles. This is an outpatient treatment center.

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Rehab Centers Near Clarkston, Michigan

Clarkston has quite a few treatment options, but families may wish to consider additional rehab centers in nearby Waterford or other surrounding communities.

Community Programs, Waterford, Michigan

Community Programs provides short-term and long-term residential treatment in gender-specific settings that help counselors address the unique needs of each individual. Patients participate in behavioral modification and cognitive behavioral therapy, while also making use of individual and group therapy sessions. Outpatient programs are also available.

Substance Abuse In Clarkston & Oakland County

Clarkston and its residents often struggle with addiction. The rates of addiction in Oakland County are quite high, showing why addiction treatment is so important. Here are some of the concerning numbers in Oakland County:

  • In 2015, Oakland County physicians prescribed 1.12 million opioids, which was an increase of 38 percent over 2009.
  • In 2013, Oakland County had 2,036 opioid hospitalizations.
  • In 2017, 183 people in Oakland County died due to drug overdose, or a rate of 14.6 people per 100,000 residing in the county.

How To Find Addiction Treatment

Finding the right treatment program that caters to an individual’s unique needs is critical to success. The limited treatment programs in Clarkston and the local area may be hard to get into or only offer specialized services. Traveling can help get the individual into a treatment program with no wait lists that is a good fit for their particular needs.

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