Top 3 Drug Rehab Centers Near Belleville, Michigan

Home to just under 4,000 people, the city of Belleville, Michigan is situated nearly midway between Ann Arbor and Detroit. Unfortunately, many residents struggle with substance abuse. Belleville residents should understand they are not alone in their struggle and that finding the right treatment can have a big impact on their health and quality of life.

Rehab Centers In Belleville, Michigan

SAMHSA does not indicate any drug and alcohol rehab centers that are located in Belleville, Michigan. Community Care Services (CCS), who offers outpatient treatment services for patients as well as gender-specific intensive outpatient treatment programs, once operated a center in this city.

Now, the nearest location for CCS is just over ten miles away in Taylor, Michigan.

Rehab Centers Near Belleville, Michigan

Due to the limited options available in Belleville itself, residents may want to explore treatment opportunities in nearby Livonia, Canton, and Ypsilanti.

Hagira Health, Livonia, Michigan

For patients who need help ridding their bodies of drugs or alcohol, Hagira Health offers a medically monitored detox solution to help with the first step towards recovery. Short-term residential programs with around-the-clock support and care follows. This center also offers day treatment, intensive outpatient, and traditional outpatient treatment.

Growth Works, Canton, Michigan

The treatment approach at Growth Works places a big emphasis on abstinence and avoiding relapse, while also helping patients follow a 12-step model to begin retaking control over their lives. The center will customize treatment duration depending upon the needs of the person. They also accept both adults and adolescents here.

Dawn Farm, Ypsilanti, Michigan

Dawn Farm offers a full range of services. Patients who need help with detox can go through the program for support and supervision during withdrawal. Patients can then enter residential treatment, where they build a community with others on the same journey. Before leaving treatment, patients must have a job and housing or join the aftercare program.

Substance Abuse In Belleville & Wayne County

Communities throughout Michigan continue to struggle with substance abuse. Statistics from the area indicate how pervasive the problem is:

  • In the past month, over 350,000 people in the county report binge drinking and over 164,000 people report abusing marijuana. Nearly 50,000 people report abusing illicit drugs other than marijuana.
  • Over 120,000 people in the county have substance use disorders.

How To Find Addiction Treatment

Patients should always seek the treatment center that fits their needs and personality best. There are a number of different treatment options available near Belleville, but there are even more opportunities when families consider travel. Traveling for treatment can help ensure the person receives care for their needs straight away.

Also, consider working with a treatment specialist. This professional can help families sort through their options and find the center that will help them best. Contact to learn more.

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