Top 3 Drug Rehab Centers in Battle Creek, Michigan

Battle Creek is best known as Cereal City because Kellogg’s is based out of this Kalamazoo suburb. Tucked away in southwest Michigan, the city is medium in size with a population of just over 52,000 residents. Surrounded by a natural forest, Battle Creek is an ideal place to recover from addiction with the help of local drug and alcohol rehab centers.

Rehab Centers In Battle Creek, Michigan

There are currently at least two addiction treatment centers located within Battle Creek: Groups Recover Together and Mercy Street Counseling.

Groups Recover Together

This substance abuse treatment center is an outpatient facility that uses a number of treatment approaches, including behavioral therapy, substance abuse counseling, contingency management, and motivational incentives. It also incorporates 12-step facilitation. In some cases, opioid addiction is addressed with medications like buprenorphine and naloxone.

Mercy Street Counseling

Mercy Street specializes in non-opioid addiction treatment and offers varying forms of outpatient care, in addition to computerized treatments and telemedicine. Some of the treatment approaches include intervention services, anger management, trauma-related counseling, motivational interviewing, contingency management, and 12-step facilitation.

Rehab Centers Near Battle Creek, Michigan

While there are available rehab centers in Battle Creek, there are additional options located in Augusta, which is less than nine miles away.

Skywood Recovery, Augusta, Michigan

Skywood Recovery is both detoxification and substance abuse treatment center. It offers residential detoxification, long-term residential treatment, and outpatient services. In the treatment of opioid addiction, the center uses varying forms of medication that are combined with counseling services.

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Substance Abuse In Battle Creek & Calhoun County

The state of Michigan has seen an alarming increase in drug overdose deaths in the last 20 years of data reporting. Battle Creek, which is a suburb of Kalamazoo, has likewise seen an increase in drug overdose deaths. In 1999, the county itself only saw one opioid death in all of 1999, but that number has steadily increased.

Some of the overdose-related facts from Battle Creek and Calhoun County include:

  • There were 10 total overdose deaths in all of 1999. This number increased to 49 total overdose deaths in 2016.
  • In 1999, opioid and heroin overdose deaths made up just 10 percent of all deaths (1 of 10). That number has ballooned to 41 of the 49 drug-related deaths in 2016.
  • As the numbers indicate, opioid and heroin addiction represent the majority of drug abuse in the community.

How To Find Addiction Treatment

Finding effective addiction treatment is a difficult burden many families face. In some cases, traveling for treatment can be a good option. During the initial stages of treatment, it’s critical to remove all possible mental and emotional triggers, which are often found at home.

If you or a loved one are looking for a fresh start for recovery, consider leaving Battle Creek to explore more treatment options. For help with the search, contact today.

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