18 Alcohol and Drug Rehab Centers in Worcester, Massachusetts

The city of Worcester is a thriving metropolis in Worcester County. Home to over 181,000 people, Worcester serves as the western edge of the greater Boston-Worcester-Providence region. With that many people calling Worcester home, it’s not surprising that drug and alcohol use remains a serious problem. However, help is available through numerous treatment facilities within the city.

Rehab Centers In Worcester, Massachusetts

Because it is a fairly large metro area, Worcester has quite a few treatment centers to choose from. In general, those seeking help can choose from inpatient or outpatient treatment.

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Multicultural Wellness Center

The Multicultural Wellness Center provides outpatient treatment with a focus on serving diverse communities within Worcester that are historically underserved by addiction treatment. With bilingual services in English and Spanish, and certified clinicians, psychiatrists, and counselors on staff, the Multicultural Wellness Center has a wealth of help available to those struggling with addiction.

The Hector Reyes House

At the Hector Reyes House, Latino men can get help with addiction on an inpatient basis. This residential substance abuse treatment facility has 24 beds and offers cognitive behavioral therapy and medical treatment. It was created to help alleviate the need among the Latino community, which has been underserved in Central Massachusetts.

Counseling And Assessment Clinic Of Worcester

The Counseling and Assessment Clinic (CAC) of Worcester provides a long list of addiction treatments including outpatient, in-home, and therapeutic mentoring services. Outpatient treatment includes individual and group therapy programs as well as a day treatment program known as a structured outpatient addiction program (SOAP). CAC of Worcester also has an addiction program for adolescents and provides aftercare services.

Rehab Centers Near Worcester, Massachusetts

While Worcester has a long list of treatment facilities, there are numerous options found outside of the city limits. Those seeking help could look at facilities in nearby Framingham or Marlborough.

Advocates, Framingham, Massachusetts

Based out of Framingham with a counseling center located in Marlborough, Advocates offers addiction counseling and residential treatment as well as aftercare for those suffering from addiction. Group homes in the MetroWest and Central Massachusetts regions provide a safe place to receive treatment away from home.

Substance Abuse In Worcester & Worcester County

Because Worcester is such a large community, it is one that has a serious problem with drug and alcohol addiction. Heroin and alcohol use remain some of the most common addiction problems in Worcester County. Consider these statistics from the region:

  • In 2014, there were 4,915 total treatment admissions for substance abuse in Worcester.
  • Of those, 24.8 percent were for alcohol.
  • Heroin accounted for the majority, affecting 62.3 percent of admissions.
  • Other opioids were responsible for 5 percent; crack or cocaine was responsible for 4.4 percent.

Traveling For The Best Program

Although there are a number of excellent treatment facilities in Worcester, sometimes the best choice is to get away from home and travel for treatment. Look for facilities that will meet the unique needs of the person needing treatment, and don’t worry about geographic location. For help finding the best program in Massachusetts, contact RehabCenter.net.

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