Top 4 Drug Rehab Centers Near Westfield, Massachusetts

Centrally located, the community of Westfield, Massachusetts, is a beautiful city in Hampden County. For those who struggle with drugs or alcohol addiction, enjoying the recreation nearby is not as simple. But, addiction treatment facilities in and around Westfield can help.

Rehab Centers In Westfield, Massachusetts

For those who struggle with drug or alcohol addiction in Westfield, help is close at hand. The community has several drug and alcohol treatment facilities within city limits.

Health Care Resource Centers: Westfield

Health Care Resource Centers: Westfield is an outpatient treatment facility that offers medication-assisted treatment with buprenorphine and methadone. The facility also provides counseling services and support to treat not only dependence and addiction but the person as a whole.

Behavioral Health Network: The Carson Center

The Carson Center is a behavioral health services hub for Westfield and the surrounding community. This facility provides outpatient addiction treatment and treatment for co-occurring mental health disorders. The Carson Center can also refer patients to other facilities within the network, ensuring access to the best possible treatment for an individual’s unique needs.

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Rehab Centers Near Westfield, Massachusetts

In addition to the treatment centers in Westfield, those seeking help with addiction will find options outside of the city, including facilities in West Springfield.

West Central Family And Counseling, West Springfield, Massachusetts

West Central Family and Counseling offer outpatient treatment to individuals struggling with addiction. The focus is on treating those with co-occurring disorders. The facility has a team of dual diagnosis counselors who can treat substance abuse and mental health disorders at the same time.

CleanSlate Centers, West Springfield, Massachusetts

CleanSlate has a center in West Springfield offering addiction treatment services with medication assistance. Those with opioid or alcohol addictions can go to CleanSlate for counseling and medications that help make withdrawal manageable by lessening dependence and reducing cravings. Patients are treated under the oversight of licensed medical providers on an outpatient basis.

Substance Abuse In Westfield & Hampden County

In Westfield and much of Hampden County, addiction treatment is strongly needed due to a wide range of struggles for the local community, with heroin and alcohol remaining some of the top substances people abuse. These statistics point to the serious nature of the addiction problem:

  • In 2014, 513 people were admitted for addiction treatment in Westfield. The majority of those, 46.8 percent, sought help for heroin addiction.
  • Alcohol addiction affected 38.2 percent of those who were admitted for addiction treatment in Westfield.
  • Other opioids affected 5.3 percent of the admissions group.
  • Marijuana was responsible for 4.9 percent of the admissions that year.

Traveling For The Best Program

Though Westfield and Hampden County provide ample options for drug and alcohol addiction treatment, there are times when it makes more sense for an individual to travel away from home for treatment. Getting out of the daily routine gives an individual the chance to focus solely on growth and healing for greater success. To find the right addiction treatment facility in Massachusetts, reach out to an addiction specialist at for help. -

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