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Provincetown is located at the most extreme tip of Cape Cod and was first settled in 1700. It has a population of under 3,000, but it is popular as a tourist destination. Provincetown is known for its harbor and beaches, local art, and its status as an LGBT vacation hotspot. This unique nature makes it a cool place to recover from addiction. In fact, there is a very esteemed outpatient center here that offers counseling, therapy, and medication-assisted treatment.

Why Should I Get Addiction Treatment?

If you're addicted to alcohol, prescription medications, or illegal drugs, you should get addiction treatment right away. Without proper treatment, your chance of recovering is significantly decreased. The availability of addiction treatment in Massachusetts is especially important due to the increased prevalence of drug abuse in the state. 

Statistics show that Massachusetts youth are 25 percent more likely to use illegal drugs. The two most commonly abused drugs in the state are alcohol and heroin, but whatever substance you use, you deserve quality treatment services.

Gosnold On Cape Cod

Gosnold on Cape Cod is a nationally-recognized addiction treatment agency founded in 1972. Their services include inpatient and outpatient detox, inpatient rehab and residential care, outpatient counseling, recovery management, sober living, and more. The company has a partnership with Cape Police Departments in creating an overdose intervention program.

Award-Winning Service

In 2011, Gosnold was named Mental Health Agency of the Year by the Massachusetts Mental Health Counselor's Association. In 2012, the agency was given the Behavioral Health Innovation of the Year Award by the Network for the Improvement of Addiction Treatment. 

In 2014, Gosnold received recognition from the Massachusetts House of Representatives for "decades of dedication and vision in the creation of prevention and intervention programs." These three examples are only a small fraction of the recognition Gosnold has received throughout the decades. 

Gosnold's Provincetown Location

Aside from individual and family counseling, there are several other services available in Provincetown's Gosnold location. Their intensive outpatient counseling program is great if you want to get started making a real change. They have several group therapy programs, including a group for adults with a psychiatric or addiction diagnosis, a group for adults who are in the early stages of recovery, and a group especially for women. 

Gosnold also has an outpatient detox program if you need to detox, but don't need 24-hour nursing care. If you have an addiction to an opioid drug, you can get Naltrexone treatment at this location. Finally, Gosnold's telepsychiatry services can connect you to psychiatric practitioners at other locations using video conference.

Recovery Is Here For You

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