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The Essex county community of Peabody is located in the North Shore region of the state with a population of approximately 50,000. It offers the quiet of a small city with access to the culture of Boston, which is only 30 minutes away. All this makes Peabody an excellent place to seek treatment for addiction issues.

Drug Treatment Statistics In Peabody

There are typically around 850-900 admissions in Peabody for substance abuse treatment, according to the 2014 report for the Massachusetts Bureau of Substance Abuse Statistics. From 2005-2014, alcohol has been responsible for around one third of these admissions. Heroin admissions have increased from 40% in 2005 to 50% in 2014. 

Those with a mental health diagnosis prior to admission represented 40 percent of those treated in 2014. This is below the state average of 50 percent. It is not clear whether there are fewer clients who are dual-diagnosis or if they received a diagnosis once admitted and simply failed to seek mental help before. In any case, these statistics are troubling and reflect a reality that must be changed.

Treatment Centers In Peabody Offer Family-Based Care

The Inn Transition family treatment center is a unique model of care, as it is a residential center for families. Instead of isolating clients from their children, the center offers room for parents and children together at the center. 

Women's Addiction Care

There is a strong focus on women's addiction and a team of counselor and social workers to help each family create a healthy living plan. The center offers 60, 90, and 120 day residential treatment and up to six months of transitional living. Faith-based Christian treatment programs are available, as well as whole-body, whole-mind holistic, and alternative treatment methods. 

Focusing On The Needs Of Children

The uniqueness of this center is the way in which they set the family up for success when they leave the program. Social workers go into a housing and employment search with clients and their children. They teach basic household skills like nutritional cooking, cleaning, and other chores to both the clients and their children and help them to establish routines before they return to the world.

Breaking Violent Behavior Patterns

Counselors focus on patterns of attachment to violent, unfaithful, or substance-abusing partners and friends and help clients discover how to break these unhealthy bonds and learn how to have more healthy attachments. 

Finally, they work to break the cycle of addiction from parent to child by focusing on the wellness of the children involved and offering them maximal chances for success in their own adult lives.

Paying For Treatment

Payment at this center is as diverse as its treatment options, including self-pay, state insurance, and private insurance options. This makes it easier for you or your loved one to receive the treatment care they need to succeed.

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  • Inn Transition
    • Addiction treatment for women
    • Residential beds for clients' children
    • Addiction treatment for Christians
    • Residential long-term inpatient treatment (60, 90, 120 days)
    • Holistic rehabilitation treatment, alternative treatment

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