Alcohol and Drug Rehab Centers in Norton, Massachusetts

Located near the northern part of Massachusetts is a small town with a big heart that is home to just over 19,000 individuals. Known for being a part of the esteemed PGA Golf Tour and boasting a certain level of historic charm, Norton is a fine place to live. However, there are limited options for addiction treatment.

Rehab Centers In Norton, Massachusetts

Norton is a relatively small town, so there are few formal places to visit for treatment within city limits. Even though there is only one rehab center available, the city does have resources available to help those find treatment in the state.

North Cottage Program, Inc.

The North Cottage Program Inc. has a location in downtown Norton and is a highly popular sober living facility in the area. The facility houses 105 men at any given time and has helped many people see a new life of sobriety through the years. While this particular facility is a sober living house, North Cottage Inc. has multiple facilities throughout the state for inpatient addiction treatment. Services at any of the facilities are provided with or without a means to pay for treatment.

Rehab Centers Near Norton, Massachusetts

Just traveling a few miles out of the city of Norton will grant you access to even more options for treatment. Norton is surrounded by larger towns and other cities and many of them are home to upstanding facilities frequently accessed by people from across the country.

High Point Treatment Center, Taunton, Massachusetts

High Point Treatment Center offers an outpatient clinic with medication-assisted treatment options and an inpatient program just over 6.5 miles away from Norton. High Point offers an array of treatment options and has several other facilities throughout the state of Massachusetts.

Brockton Addiction Treatment Centers, Brockton, Massachusetts

Brockton Addiction Treatment Centers is a system of three facilities: an all-men campus for inpatient drug or alcohol rehabilitation, a teen facility, and a facility for detox services. Brockton is an affiliate facility of High Point, but is just over 11 miles away from Norton.

Substance Abuse In Norton & Bristol County

Massachusetts is among the top ten states in the country for the rate of opioid deaths per 100,000 people, according to the National Institute on Drug Abuse. While Norton is only a small part of the state, it is also known for high instances of drug-related overdoses. The location has taken great strides to ensure resources are available to all of those who are struggling and are ready to tackle their issues and start a new life in recovery.

Traveling For The Best Program

Traveling to find the best rehab program is sometimes necessary if there are not a lot of local options. In some situations, finding treatment in a different state or town is actually better than going with a local option, especially if you feel getting out of your usual environment would be a good change. If you need help with finding the best recovery program in the state of Massachusetts, reach out to a treatment specialist at

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