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North Adams has the distinction of being the smallest city in the state, at just over 13,000 residents. It is a stopping point for the famed Appalachian Trail and has a long history from its settlement in the 1700s to its heyday as a mill town in the early 1900's. Famous authors like Nathaniel Hawthorne have written extensively on the beauty of the town and its surrounding area. It is also an excellent location to seek treatment for addiction if you seek a small, quiet community in which to recover.

Drug Use Statistics In North Adams

According to the intake records from the 2014 Bureau of Substance Abuse Statistics, 450 people sought treatment for addiction in North Adams that year. Like most of the state, the two main drugs that brought clients in for treatment were heroin and alcohol. Beating these addictions is difficult, so please consider the following treatment option.

Greylock Pavilion

North Adams Regional Hospital's Greylock Pavilion provides outpatient treatment for substance abuse issues. They offer treatments for addiction to substances from tobacco to heroin. There is a holistic and alternative treatment philosophy which means that they focus on the wellness of the whole body, mind, and soul to create a happy person. Holistic treatment is becoming popular as it is one of the best ways to recover. 

Dual Diagnosis Is Available Here

Addiction and mental health issues can feed off of one another, which is why Greylock Pavilion offers dual diagnosis treatment. This unique approach carefully isolates mental health problems and finds meaningful ways to treat them and eliminate them from a person's lie.

Paying For Treatment

There are a variety of payment plans accepted here, including self-payment, income-based sliding scales, and various forms of private insurance. They also accept government insurance, such as Medicaid, Medicare, and the military-based TRICARE.

You Can Do This

Believing in yourself and the power of recovery is the most important aspect of beating addiction. We believe in you and know that you can regain a life of sobriety. Please contact us at to get started.

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