Alcohol and Drug Rehab Centers in Nantucket, Massachusetts

Nantucket is a small island located just off the coast of Cape Cod. Known for its upscale lifestyle and outstanding seafood, you may not recognize this community of over 11,000 people as being susceptible to drug and alcohol abuse. Yet, substance abuse occurs. Nearby, there are a number of drug and alcohol treatment options available.

Rehab Centers In Nantucket, Massachusetts

As noted, Nantucket is a small community. The area may offer some help to individuals struggling with drugs and alcohol through various local programs.

Fairwinds Nantucket Counseling Center

Located in Nantucket itself, Fairwinds Nantucket Counseling Center offers a comprehensive program for individuals and families, from detox through counseling. The program also has a strong prevention aspect for communities. Its main programs include outpatient mental health counseling, community-based treatment, and medication-assisted therapy. 

Family And Children’s Services Of Nantucket County

The Family and Children’s Services of Nantucket County program is designed to provide substance abuse and mental health support to individuals in the area. Dual-diagnosis care is provided here. This facility, located in the heart of the city, offers outpatient counseling and treatment services for men and women. Many of the programs support court-ordered recovery efforts.

Rehab Centers Near Nantucket, Massachusetts

Families who need additional help may wish to choose drug and alcohol rehab program locations outside the city itself. A few nearby options to consider are in Oak Bluffs, South Yarmouth, and Centerville.

Martha’s Vineyard Community Services, Oak Bluffs, Massachusetts

The Island Counseling Center, which is a part of Martha’s Vineyard Community Services program, is another option in nearby Oak Bluffs. This family-focused community center provides adult mental health and addiction support, as well as intervention services. The New Paths Recovery program is at the heart of providing exceptional care for those struggling with addiction. Through outpatient services, this location provides families, including teens, with supportive opportunities.

Yarmouth Comprehensive Treatment Center, South Yarmouth, Massachusetts

Located in South Yarmouth, the Yarmouth Comprehensive Treatment Center is a full-service recovery center. Located in a beautiful area, this location provides a wide range of services, but specializes in methadone and suboxone treatment. The program aims to address the needs of individuals by creating customized recovery plans. Detox, inpatient, and outpatient services may also be available (sometimes with referrals).

Gosnold Counseling Center, Centerville, Massachusetts

The Gosnold Counseling Center is a full-family treatment program. It has a number of clinics in the region. The programs here begin with detox and inpatient care, depending on the needs of the individual. It also offers comprehensive outpatient mental health support and recovery. Aftercare services are provided as a way to lengthen the success of a patient’s recovery. 

Substance Abuse In Nantucket & Nantucket County, Massachusetts

Residents in Nantucket and the entire Cape Cod area are at risk of substance abuse. Take a closer look at some of the reports for this area:

  • The Nantucket and Cape Cod region have become some of the highest rated opioid-abuse areas in the country. After the summer holiday, reports indicate visitors struggle to stop using drugs or alcohol.

  • In Nantucket itself, 5 people died of a fatal overdose of drugs in 2017. While this seems few, the community is quite small.

Traveling For The Best Program

Every person should seek out the best care for their individual needs. Sometimes, that means traveling beyond Nantucket. Contact a treatment specialist at to help you find the best treatment programs in Massachusetts.

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