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Ipswich has a storied past, as home to whalers and traders as far back as the 1600s. The town has several parks and barrier islands and is famous for its clams and its annual chowderfest. The quiet ocean atmosphere offers an excellent backdrop to begin treatment for substance addiction. 

About Substance Abuse In Ipswich

According to the 2014 treatment intake numbers for the Massachusetts, the pattern of drug abuse in Ipswich echoes that of the state. Two drugs in particular are the primary substance used by those seeking treatment: heroin and alcohol. 

Heroin accounts for 36 percent of all intakes while 48 percent of those seeking treatment have an issue with alcohol. Almost 45 percent of all those seeking treatment have had a previous diagnosis of an additional mental health issue, which means that dual diagnosis complications are likely to make it more difficult for them to control addiction. Thankfully, Ipswich can help. 

Seeking Help For Substance Abuse In Ipswich

Northeast Behavioral Health in Ipswich is an outpatient treatment center that offers care for substance abuse and dual diagnosis patients. They understand the complex treatment requirements needed for dual diagnosis patients who often cannot conquer their struggle with substance abuse alone. 

Dual diagnosis centers not only treat both conditions, but help clients understand how mental illness affects a client's struggle with addiction. By treating both, you or your loved one can truly begin to heal and change. 

Holistic Treatments Are Available

Alternative and/or holistic treatments at Northeast focus on whole-body and whole-life wellness. For a struggle with addiction to be won, you must have a life you love. Treatments like this emphasize choosing people and situations that bring you joy instead of anxiety, and teach you self-soothing methods to help you to get through difficult social and interpersonal situations without turning to controlled substances. 

Payment Methods

Payment options include self-pay, employment-based or private insurance, state-sponsored insurance system like Medicare and Medicaid, and military insurance like Tricare. The cost of treatment is also on an income-based sliding scale to ensure that anyone who seeks treatment has the opportunity to heal.

Healing In A Healthy Manner

Centers like this are crucial to regaining a sober life and learning how to live happily again. Please contact us at to learn more.
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