Alcohol and Drug Rehab Centers in Haverhill, Massachusetts

Haverhill is located north of Boston near the New Hampshire border. The city is home to a population of over 60,000 people and is situated along the Merrimack River. To say that Haverhill is in the midst of a substance abuse crisis is an understatement. Like many areas of Massachusetts, the city is plagued by the opioid crisis. Fortunately, there are several rehab centers to address dependence and addiction.

Rehab Centers In Haverhill, Massachusetts

Given its prime location close to Boston as well as the Atlantic Ocean, it's easy to comprehend the need for a wide range of rehab centers and treatment options in the Haverhill area.

Spectrum Health Systems

Since 1969, Spectrum Health Systems has assisted individuals and their families in coping with substance use disorders. With services such as residential treatment, medication-assisted treatment (MAT), and peer support, Spectrum Health Systems offers a comprehensive network of treatment options to encompass every stage of recovery.

Serenity At Summit

Located in a state-of-the-art facility, Serenity At Summit provides acute treatment services (ATS) and clinical stabilization services (CSS) to help the body detox and address addiction's root causes. Serenity At Summit combines clinical treatment with holistic options such as acupuncture, yoga, and meditation.

Holy Family Hospital

At the Holy Family Hospital location in Haverhill, individuals can experience intensive outpatient programs (IOP) during the day and evening as well as a structured outpatient addiction program (SOAP). The Methuen location offers short-term inpatient treatment for those patients who need to be stabilized due to chemical dependency.

Rehab Centers Near Haverhill, Massachusetts

Due to Haverhill's location near Boston and the New Hampshire state line, individuals have other options for rehab centers within a reasonable proximity.

Hampstead Hospital, Hampstead, New Hampshire

Set among rolling hills and woodlands, the landscaped grounds of Hampstead Hospital are located less than an hour's drive from Boston. A 111-bed hospital, it specializes in offering monitored detoxification, as well as residential treatment and transitional services to help patients ease their way back into society.

Women's View, Lawrence, Massachusetts

Located in Lawrence, Massachusetts, Women's View provides a strength-based model for women aged 25 years and older who have a substance use disorder. Working within a four-tier level system, women move up and down the tiers according to their accountability.

Lowell House Addiction Treatment And Recovery, Tewksbury, Massachusetts

Lowell House, located in Tewksbury, Massachusetts, offers comprehensive services that represent the full spectrum of recovery. These include more than 80 residential beds, a structured outpatient addiction program (SOAP) that spans six to eight weeks, and individual, family, and group therapy options.

Substance Abuse In Haverhill & Essex County

The opioid epidemic continues to worsen in the city of Haverhill and Essex County as a whole. In a 27 month period that ended in early 2018, law enforcement officers and other first responders handled 53 deaths related to overdose, as well as 514 calls. From 2012 through 2016, Essex County saw the number of confirmed deaths due to opioid use rise from 94 to 273.

Traveling For The Best Program

It's a natural feeling to want to stay close to home while addressing a substance use disorder. However, in some cases, the best rehab program isn't located in the immediate area. Often it's only by traveling to other areas that the right combination of treatment options for a particular individual can be found. Contact for assistance in finding the best rehab program for the person in Massachusetts.

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