Alcohol and Drug Rehab Centers in Foxboro, Massachusetts

Foxboro, Massachusetts is located about 22 miles southwest of the great city of Boston and had a modest population of 16,865 when last counted in 2010. Founded on small-town values and boasting an attention to tradition, Foxboro does its due diligence as a city to help keep residents healthy, and that includes offering multiple types of care for those seeking addiction treatment.

Rehab Centers In Foxboro, Massachusetts

Massachusetts is a smaller state in the country, so it does not have quite as many rehab centers available as other states. However, no matter what part of the state you are from, you should be within close enough traveling distance to reach a good place to obtain treatment. The city of Foxboro is home to one primary rehab facility: Steward NORCAP Lodge.

Steward NORCAP Lodge

Services for addiction treatment at Steward NORCAP Lodge are provided by the Good Samaritan Medical Center. The facility offers patients both intensive inpatient and comprehensive outpatient treatment programs. NORCAP provides medically supervised withdrawal treatment, group and family counseling, and aftercare programs.

Rehab Centers Near Foxboro, Massachusetts

Since Foxboro is a relatively small town, there are not a lot of rehabilitation options available within the city limits. However, there are several facilities located within close traveling distance to the city center.

Fuller Hospital, Attleboro, Massachusetts

Just over 11 miles from Foxboro, the Fuller Hospital offers inpatient and outpatient programs for people with substance abuse issues. They operate a 102-bed inpatient treatment facility that is used for short-term assistance of people who need help overcoming an addiction to drugs or alcohol. Psychiatric counseling and dual diagnosis are both forms of treatment that can be obtained through the programs available.

High Point Treatment Centers, Brockford, Massachusetts

High Point actually offers several treatment facilities near Foxborough in Brockton and New Bedford, Massachusetts. With a program dedicated specifically for young individuals struggling with substance abuse, High Point is one of the most widely recognized names in addiction treatment in the state. Plymouth Campus, New Bedford Complex, and Brockton Meadowbrook Campus are some of the inpatient facilities that High Point has to offer.

Substance Abuse In Foxboro & Norfolk County

Getting to know a few of the stats associated with addiction and abuse in any given area is an effective way to see how many people there are looking for help. While the population in Norfolk is rather small, the county is one of the more plagued areas in the state regarding the opioid crisis. Between 2000 and 2017, there were 1,442 opioid-related deaths in the county of Norfolk, which is one of the highest numbers in the state.

Traveling For The Best Program

Traveling to find the best addiction rehabilitation program for you is perfectly okay and even logical in some situations. If there are limited options for treatment in your home area, be open to traveling out of town to find a facility that can cater to your needs. If you need help finding the best rehab center in Massachusetts to help you begin your path towards recovery, reach out to a treatment specialist at

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