Alcohol and Drug Rehab Centers in Everett, Massachusetts

Everett, Massachusetts is a small but growing city in Middlesex County, less than 10 miles from Boston. The town has a rich history and is becoming a popular location for filming big-screen movies. But like many American cities, the residents of Everett are witnessing the tragedy of substance abuse, particularly the rise of opioid and heroin addiction.

Rehab Centers In Everett, Massachusetts

Finding the right rehab center is a crucial step in long-term recovery from drug or alcohol addiction. Most recovery centers accept insurance, credit cards, and private pay. Some may also offer in-house financing or other sliding-scale payment options.

The Eliot Center At Everett 

The Eliot Center offers individualized treatment options for families, couples, and individuals affected by substance abuse. The goal of their treatment is to promote abstinence, recovery, and healing.

Rehab Centers Near Everett, Massachusetts

The close proximity to Boston means more choices for those seeking treatment in the Everett area. Consider these nearby facilities for more options:

North Suffolk Mental Health Association (NSMHA), Chelsea, Massachusetts

Offering many types of services to the community, NSMHA provides both outpatient and inpatient addiction services for adolescents and adults. Treatment is conducted under medical supervision by qualified professionals. To aid in long-term recovery, support services are also available at North Suffolk Mental Health Association.

Charlestown Recovery House, Boston, Massachusetts

Located just over three miles from Everett, the Charlestown Recovery House maintains a residential treatment center for adult men. The residence can accommodate up to 30 patients at a time. A 12-step program is a backbone for treatment at Charlestown, and community service is considered an integral part of maintaining recovery.

AdCare, Boston, Massachusetts 

AdCare is a company that oversees several substance abuse treatment centers in Massachusetts, Rhode Island, and Connecticut, including a facility in Boston. Inpatient and outpatient services are available for adult men and women. Family services are also offered. AdCare provides medically supervised withdrawal, evidence-based treatments, and aftercare support.

Substance Abuse In Everett & Middlesex County

The entire state of Massachusetts has seen first-hand the devastating effects of substance abuse. The rise of opioid and heroin use in Middlesex County has had a tragic effect on individuals and families, in many cases causing death and irreparable emotional and financial damage to survivors. Consider these statistics from Middlesex County:

  • 357 opioid-related overdose deaths were reported in Middlesex County in 2017, the highest of any county in Massachusetts.

  • Statewide, almost 3% of individuals 12 and older abused or were dependent on illicit drugs during the survey year 2013-2014.

  • 823 residents of Everett sought admission to a treatment facility is 2017. Of those admissions, 70% of patients reported using heroin in the past month, while 44% reported alcohol use.

Traveling For The Best Program

The best rehab program for you or your loved one may not be located in your hometown. Everett’s close proximity to a large city like Boston opens up many more options to those seeking recovery from drug or alcohol addiction. Speak to one of our treatment specialists for more information about choosing a treatment facility or program in Massachusetts.

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