Alcohol and Drug Rehab Centers in East Wareham, Massachusetts

Home to 21,822 people, East Wareham, Massachusetts, sits on the westernmost point of Cape Cod. This residential community serves as a place for people working in Fall River, New Bedford, or Plymouth to find a home and settle. For residents of East Wareham who struggle with addiction, there are rehab facilities in the community available to help.

Rehab Centers In East Wareham, Massachusetts

Individuals struggling with addiction who live in East Wareham will find treatment that is convenient to them. This includes one facility located within the city limits.

East Wareham Comprehensive Treatment Center

East Wareham Comprehensive Treatment Center is an outpatient treatment center that is part of Acadia Healthcare. The facility focuses on treating individuals struggling with addiction to opioids. The center uses medication-assisted treatment with a team of physicians, counselors, and nurses to help those addicted to prescription drugs, heroin, and morphine.

Rehab Centers Near East Wareham, Massachusetts

Because East Wareham only has one treatment center, you may need to visit a larger city nearby to find treatment. Plymouth has several options to consider.

High Point Treatment Center: Plymouth Campus, Plymouth, Massachusetts

High Point Treatment Center: Plymouth Campus offers a peaceful setting where patients with addiction struggles and mental health issues can get dual diagnosis treatment. The facility provides a medical detox unit and clinical stabilization in an inpatient setting, while also providing outpatient treatment when needed.

CleanSlate Centers, Plymouth, Massachusetts 

CleanSlate Centers is an outpatient addiction center in Plymouth that offers medication-assisted treatment and walk-in appointments. Each patient receives an individualized treatment plan, and the staff focuses on providing treatment with dignity and respect. CleanSlate Treatment Centers treats both drug and alcohol addiction.

Crossroads Treatment Center, Plymouth, Massachusetts

With a focus on opioid abuse, Crossroads Treatment Center offers medication-assisted treatment to patients in an attractive, peaceful setting in Plymouth. The facility provides individualized treatment plans to people seeking help with their addiction. An on-site physician will supervise all medical care during detox and treatment.

Substance Abuse In East Wareham & Plymouth County

Substance abuse is a serious problem for many in East Wareham and the surrounding Plymouth County neighborhoods. The statistics surrounding substance abuse point to the need for effective rehab facilities:

  • In 2017, 147 people in Plymouth County died due to opioid-related overdose.

  • At any given time, the Substance Abuse Unit in the county jail will have about 50 men seeking help for drug addiction.

  • In early 2018, Plymouth County police reported a spike in drug overdoses, specifically for opioids.

  • Approximately 10 percent of the male population and 9 percent of the female population in Plymouth County admits to heavy drinking.

Traveling For The Best Program

In East Wareham, the options for drug rehab programs and treatment are somewhat limited. Finding the best possible facility that will meet your needs for treatment is important. Sometimes, traveling to a treatment facility is the best choice. To find a treatment facility or hear about more options in Massachusetts, reach out to for help.

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