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Chestnut Hill is a comfortable, well-to-do village in the greater Boston area. Home of Boston College and the Hammond Pond Reservation, Chestnut Hill combines the culture of a college town, the beauty of historic architecture and peaceful parks and gardens. Those are just a few of the reasons that so many people are turning to this town for their recovery.

Substance Abuse In The Boston Area

In the Boston area, use of cocaine remains high, though it has decreased in the past few years. As in the rest of the country, hospital admissions related to heroin and opiate use continues to climb in Boston. Dependency on benzodiazepines is also steadily increasing, while methamphetamine use remains low throughout the Boston region. 

Unfortunately, almost 90 percent of people with alcohol or drug abuse issues in Boston, Massachusetts, and the US as a whole do not get any kind of help or treatment, even though there are options available. Chestnut offers you access to one comfortable facility that is well worth your time.

Substance Abuse Treatment At Bournewood Hospital

Bournewood Hospital has been serving patients with mental health and substance use issues in Chestnut Hill for over a hundred years. Bournewood specializes in intensive in-patient services for those who need a structured treatment plan and wish to commit full-time to recovery and rehabilitation. With a highly-trained staff of mental health professionals, Bournewood offers both individual and group therapy and works with families. There is always a psychiatrist on staff who is available when needed.

Partial Hospital Program

In addition to its in-patient programs, Bournewood offers a "partial hospital" program for those with a Dual Substance Abuse/Mental Illness diagnosis who perhaps don't require in-patient care. The Partial Hospital program focuses on group therapy and works with resources within the community as well. 

This program is ideal as a stepping stone following full-time mental health or addiction treatment or as a treatment program on its own. All adult Partial Hospital programs are eligible for coverage by Medicare, Medicaid, and most other insurance programs.

Teen Treatment

Bournewood offers its service to adolescents between the ages of 12 and 18 via two programs: its Adolescent Inpatient Program and its Partial Hospital Program for Adolescents. Both programs provide a multi-disciplinary approach to treating young people with mental health and/or substance use problems. Families are an important part of adolescent rehabilitation at Bournewood and are encouraged to take an active role in their loved ones' treatment.

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Please understand that you don't need to live a life of addiction. There are plenty of addiction recovery centers in the state and the nation and you can learn how to live a life from from addiction. Please contact us at to learn more.
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