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Centerville is one of the seven villages that make up the Cape Cod town of Barnstable. It is primarily residential and it is known to be a quiet community whose social events focus around the library. The quiet retreat of Centerville offers a beautiful haven away from the city if you are looking for a beautiful location and quiet community in which to seek treatment for substance abuse. The scenery plus the excellent care facilities make it a wonderful choice.

Drug Use Intake Statistics For Barnstable

The 2014 Massachusetts Bureau of Substance Abuse Statistics shows that, like the rest of the state, heroin (at 42 percent of intakes) and alcohol (at 40 percent) contribute to the vast majority of rehab cases in Centerville. Intakes are roughly 2-to-1 male to female. 

Around 45 percent of intake clients have a prior diagnosis of mental illness and fall into the dual-diagnosis category. This is slightly lower than the state average of around 50 percent, but since the statistic does not show how many of the clients are diagnosed while in treatment, it is hard to know whether this an accurate percent of those who face both addiction and mental illness together. 

The reasons for this uncertainty is that the region is known for a cultural hesitation to visit a counselor or psychologist, particularly in older men, and so the number may actually be higher than it is reporting. 

Caring Outpatient Addiction Treatment Available At Gosnold Thorne

Whether you have been court-ordered for treatment or are choosing to seek help voluntarily, there are some excellent opportunities at Gosnold Thorne. Standard counseling, alternative treatments, and holistic therapies all combine to create a helpful and lasting recovery solution. 

Alternative and holistic treatments that focus on whole-body and whole-life wellness have been shown to give clients a new lease on life that can help them discover how much better life is without substance abuse. If you are hearing-impaired, they offer ASL counseling or interpretation for family members. 

There are a number of different payment structures available here, from self-pay, government insurances like TRICARE, Medicare and Medicaid, and most private insurances. 

Centerville Rehab Centers Can Help You Recover

If you are interested in beating addiction in a relaxing and low-key environment, Centerville is an excellent town to choose. To learn more about what it offers, please contact us at They will set you up with the best rehab center for your needs.
  • Gosnold Inc Gosnold Thorne Counseling Center
    • Court ordered alcohol treatment for DUI/DWI offenders
    • ASL or other assistance for hearing impaired
    • Outpatient counseling treatment
    • Holistic rehabilitation treatment, alternative treatment

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