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Cataument is located in the Cape Cod region of the state of Massachusetts and is a locality of the town of Bourne. This picturesque setting is the perfect place to start your road to recovery. Surrounded by beautiful landscape, a comfortable climate, and an accepting community, Cataument is the perfect place to heal and build a new life. Besides offering quality living, this town is also doing its part to provide addiction treatment solutions. This dedication to the health of their citizens comes at a very important time. 

An Epidemic

The state of Massachusetts is currently witnessing one of the worst drug epidemics it has seen in years. The rate of heroin and opioid addiction has skyrocketed with more than eight percent of the population admitting to using. All demographics and income levels are being devastated by this drug. 

In fact, a national study discovered that the state of Massachusetts is witnessing more deaths from drug overdoses than fatalities from car accidents and gun violence combined. This startling statistic is getting the attention of state and community leaders and they have began focusing on programs to educate the public and raise awareness about the dangers of opioids. Cities, such as Cataument, are home to many of reputable drug and alcohol rehab facilities

Gosnold Inc. 

Gosnold Inc. is a top-notch drug and alcohol rehabilitation facility that operates centers throughout the state, including the facility in Cataument. This facility specializes in residential short-term inpatient treatment with stays lasting up to 30 days. 

Available Services

This facility has been providing addiction treatment services since 1972 and offers a wide range of services. Their experienced staff utilizes dual diagnosis therapy, which means that each patient is screened for underlying mental issues that could be fueling their addictions. Gosnold will even help patients find sober living facilities upon completion of their program.

Payment Options

Gosnold Inc. accepts many forms of payment making treatment extremely affordable and accessible to anyone. Besides accepting cash, insurance, and other payment options, this facility can also arrange financial assistance, such as loans and sliding scale fees. This center is also unique because they offer several scholarship opportunities to make sure that no one is left behind due to financial circumstances. 

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