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Ashburnham contains a high number of historical sites dating back to colonial America and is home to one of the Northeast's premiere preparatory schools, Cushing Academy. It is also a town that is centered around a prestigious academy full of young adults, so it is a relatively safe and crime-free area to live in while you focus on recovering from drug addiction. 

Massachusetts Substance Abuse Statistics

According to the Massachusetts Bureau of Substance Abuse Statistics, there are two main substances that cause clients to seek treatment in Ashburnham. For the year 2014, 37.2 percent were for alcohol and 44.2 percent were for heroin. In the previous year, 59.5 percent used alcohol, 50 percent used heroin, 23.8 percent used marijuana, 16.7 percent used other opioids, 14.3 percent used crack/cocaine, and 19 percent used other substances. 

These statistics are unfortunate, but Ashburnham has a high quality treatment center that can give you the addiction recovery treatment you need to live a healthy life.

Dual-Diagnosis Focused Treatment In Ashburnham

Residential short-term treatment is available for 30 days or less at the McLean Ambulatory and Residential Treatment Center. This center focuses on dual diagnosis treatment as they understand the additional needs of those who suffer from addiction problems and mental health issues. 

This is a complicated issue which has only recently been given the emphasis it needs. Of course, those without a mental health diagnosis will also find excellent addiction care here. The center offers self-pay options as well as public, private, and military insurances.

Advantages To Treatment in Ashburnham

If you are bringing yourself or a loved one to Ashburnham for treatment, there are a number of excellent reasons why this is a good choice for you. It is designed for easy walking to much of the downtown area and has a variety of substance-free entertainment options. These include a number of parks, cinemas, an indoor laser tag stadium, and a wildlife sanctuary. 

As far as weather is concerned, the summers are warm and lush without being overly humid. Autumns bring the kind of colors that attract tourists to the region. Winters are quaint and quiet and offer cross-country skiing in the local parks. Springs are vibrant and colorful, as the earth blooms to life after a long sleep beneath a blanket of snow. 

Live In Comfort As You Recover

Ashburnham's drug addiction treatment center offers you the kind of relaxing comfort you need to fully recover from drug addiction. To learn more about this center and others like it in the area, please contact us at today.

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