Top 3 Drug Rehab Centers Near Delmar, Maryland

Being a small town does not protect Delmar from the effects of addiction in Wicomico County. The county depends on help from local alcohol and drug rehab centers to prevent further substance abuse issues.

Alcohol And Drug Rehab Centers In Delmar, Maryland

Like many small towns, Delmar has only limited addiction treatment options. The following rehab center in Delmar offers outpatient services.

Delmarva Counseling Center

Outpatient substance abuse programs at the Delmarva Counseling Center involve counseling sessions that help those struggling with substance abuse to understand what led to their illness and how they can take steps to move forward healthfully.

Experienced counselors work with recovering individuals on relapse prevention so they can develop healthier ways of dealing with stress and triggers.

Alcohol And Drug Rehab Centers Near Delmar, Maryland

Rather than settling on the only rehab center in Delmar, individuals may want to look to nearby cities and towns for more addiction treatment options.

Salisbury, Maryland and Seaford, Delaware have rehab programs within driving distance of Delmar.

Peninsula Addiction Services, Salisbury, Maryland

Peninsula Addiction Services, a part of Peninsula Health Services, provides treatment for substance abuse. They follow a 12-step philosophy and the staff has extensive experience and training in addiction treatment.

Individuals receive customized treatment plans and can enroll in a traditional outpatient or intensive outpatient program (IOP) depending upon their personal needs.

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Second Wind, Salisbury, Maryland

Second Wind offers seven beds for men who have begun the substance abuse treatment process and need a halfway house that will support them until they fully regain their health.

Men stay in the home for 28 days and receive individual and group therapy during this time. Gender-specific housing and continued support encourage them to make healthy lifestyle changes that lead to addiction recovery.

Chimes, Seaford, Delaware

The Chimes program believes that every person has the right to live their life to its fullest potential, and they want to help people accomplish this goal. They work to support patients by focusing on the individual’s strengths and needs.

They rely on evidence-based practices to help each person move forward in a compassionate, empathetic environment that will help them thrive. This rehab center also provides mental health support for people who struggle with co-occurring disorders.

Traveling For The Best Treatment

As a person starts looking at rehab programs, they will quickly see that there are many different treatment philosophies, variable lengths of stay, and multiple levels of care. Each individual needs a unique blend of elements to find their greatest success in treatment.

For example, a person who requires intensive inpatient addiction treatment should not choose an outpatient rehab program just because it is close to home. The right rehab program may be in a nearby town, another part of the state, or across the country.

A willingness to travel for the best care can make a tremendous difference in the healing process.

Substance Abuse In Delmar And Wicomico County

The prevalence of substance abuse in Wicomico County has led to the county creating task forces and programs specifically to combat the problem. Some of these issues include:

  • Wicomico County saw 21 deaths from heroin in 2016, up from only 5 in 2010 and 13 in 2015.
  • Wicomico County has a rate of visits to the emergency room due to drug use that is 75 percent higher than the Maryland state average.

If you are looking for addiction treatment in Maryland for yourself or a loved one, consider speaking with us today. Our dedicated professionals can help you explore your options and find the best possible care.

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