4 Drug Rehab Centers in Chestertown, Maryland

4 Drug Rehab Centers in Chestertown, Maryland

Learn more now about inpatient addiction treatment in Chestertown, Maryland, including step-down treatment plans and evidence-based care.

Compared to other areas of Maryland, opioid prescriptions in Chestertown are on the high end, with nearly one written for every resident. The prevalence of opioid drugs in the area raises the risk of abuse, which makes quality substance abuse treatment essential.

Substance Abuse In Chestertown And Kent County

Kent County has experienced some problems with drug abuse over the past several years.

  • Kent County had a total of six deaths from alcohol and drugs in 2017. One of these deaths was caused by a heroin overdose.
  • Two deaths were caused by prescription opioid overdoses, and three deaths were caused by fentanyl overdoses.
  • In 2017, Kent County had a high opioid prescription rate of 96.6 prescriptions per 100 residents.
  • From 2014 to 2016, Kent County had a total of 19 fatalities due to drug overdoses.

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