Top 2 Drug Rehab Centers in Centreville, Maryland

Centreville, Maryland provides a variety of rehab programs to its residents. Learn more about treatment for co-occurring disorders and telephone-based services.

The historic town of Centreville, the county seat of Queen Anne’s County in Maryland, is home to over 4,200 people. Some living in Centreville find themselves battling addiction, and local treatment providers offer the hope these individuals need.

Alcohol And Drug Rehab Centers In Centreville, Maryland

Centreville offers a number of alcohol and drug rehab centers for residents to consider in their search for addiction help. Some of these include:

Corsica River

Corsica River offers outpatient therapy for families and individuals touched by the problems of addiction. A full list of mental health therapy services, including psychiatry and treatment for co-occurring disorders, is available here.

A 24-hour on-call service ensures those in addiction treatment are able to get timely help when facing a challenge or crisis.

Anne Arundel Counseling, Inc.

Anne Arundel Counseling offers psychological counseling and support for those facing a range of mental health disorders, including substance abuse. Medication management services can be of benefit to those struggling specifically with prescription drug addiction.

This rehab center offers a telephone-based mental health service that can make substance abuse treatment easier to access.

Substance Abuse In Centreville and Queen Anne’s County

Centreville and Queen Anne’s County have lower rates of drug overdose and deaths than many areas of Maryland. Here are some key substance abuse statistics regarding Queen Anne’s County:

  • In 2017, eight people in Queen Anne’s County died due to opioid abuse.
  • That same year, a total of 53 people died due to drug or alcohol poisoning.
  • Of these deaths, five were due to heroin.
  • An additional five deaths were attributed to fentanyl.
  • Prescription opioids were a factor in two of these deaths.

These statistics show that residents of Queen Anne’s County are fortunate to be sheltered from the worst of the opioid epidemic and addiction issues. However, even just one family who is affected by this disease means that quality treatment programs are needed.

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Alcohol And Drug Rehab Centers Near Centreville, Maryland

Addiction treatment centers are quite varied in their approaches. Many take on specialized treatment protocols to help individuals find greater success.

Sometimes, the right rehab program will not be close to home but will require the individual to travel to another city or state.

For those who prefer to seek local substance abuse treatment, there are additional rehab centers near Centreville, such as these facilities in Chestertown, Pasadena, and Annapolis.

A. F. Whitsitt Center, Chestertown, Maryland

The A. F. Whitsitt Center, part of Kent County’s Health Department, is an inpatient alcohol and drug rehab center that provides medically monitored detox services for alcohol, opioid, and benzodiazepine addiction.

Here, individuals receive 24-hour monitoring during treatment for chemical dependency. There is also a sober-living option after a treatment program at this rehab facility.

Tranquility Woods, LLC, Pasadena, Maryland

Known as the most luxurious addiction treatment center on the East Coast, Tranquility Woods is a residential rehab facility that is among the top-rated in the world. Recovering individuals here enjoy luxury accommodations while accessing one-on-one clinical therapy.

A robust list of treatment types includes equine and exercise therapy, experiential therapy, and acupuncture, alongside traditional evidence-based methods.

Arundel Lodge: First Step Recovery Program, Annapolis, Maryland

Arundel Lodge’s First Step Recovery Program offers rehab services to adults. With three levels of outpatient substance abuse treatment and the option for medication-assisted therapy, this rehab facility customizes treatment to fit the individual.

Same day access, allowing people to start treatment the same day as their intake and assessment appointment, is one of the benefits of care at Arundel Lodge.

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