Top 3 Drug Rehab Centers Near Cambridge, Maryland

Explore rehab centers in Cambridge, Maryland with flexible program hours, medication-assisted treatment (MAT), and residential care.

The entire state of Maryland is currently battling substance abuse. Like all cities, Cambridge sees its share of drug trafficking and misuse.

People struggling with addiction in Cambridge can typically find effective substance abuse treatment nearby, though there are not many options within the city itself.

Substance Abuse In Cambridge And Dorchester County

According to a report issued by the Maryland Department of Health, the number of deaths related to alcohol and drug intoxication in Dorchester County has increased significantly over the last decade.

In 2017, there were three times as many overdose deaths in Dorchester County as there were in 2007. These statistics indicate that the need for quality substance abuse treatment in the Cambridge area is significant.

Alcohol And Drug Rehab Centers In Cambridge, Maryland

Cambridge, Maryland has just one facility that offers treatment for alcohol and drug use disorders. This rehab center is run by Dorchester County.

Dorchester County Addictions Program

Dorchester County Addictions Program provides outpatient substance abuse treatment to adults and teens. The adult rehab program takes place in the evening and may collaborate with the court system, if necessary.

The age-specific adolescent program examines the causes of a young person’s substance abuse and has a more intensive treatment option for those who have developed an addiction.

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Alcohol And Drug Rehab Centers Near Cambridge, Maryland

Because the quality of addiction treatment can affect the outcome, it is essential to choose a rehab program that provides the level of care you need.

If you live in an area where treatment options are limited, this means that you may need to travel to enroll at an alcohol and drug rehab center in a different city or state.

Residents of Cambridge who are looking for more addiction treatment choices near them can find rehab programs in Maryland cities like Salisbury and Easton or Delaware cities like Harrington.

1. Chesapeake Treatment Services, Salisbury And Easton, Maryland

Chesapeake Treatment Services specializes in the treatment of patients addicted to opioids and offers medication-assisted treatment (MAT). The medications provided are designed to reduce the symptoms of withdrawal and help patients cope with cravings as they recover from addiction.

2. Connections CSP, Harrington, Delaware

Connections CSP is an organization that assists people dealing with all types of addictions.

It offers medically monitored detox programs at the Connections Withdrawal Management Center and also provides medication-assisted treatment (MAT), a women-only residential treatment facility, and sober living homes.

3. Hudson Health Services, Inc., Salisbury, Maryland

Hudson Health Services manages a variety of addiction treatment programs to meet the needs of different individuals.

For people at the beginning phase of recovery, withdrawal management is available. Residential treatment and partial hospitalization programs (PHPs) are offered as well.

For those who have completed the most intensive phases of substance abuse treatment, halfway housing and other supportive rehab services are available to facilitate a smooth return to normal life.

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