Top 4 Drug Rehab Centers Near Standish, Maine

The charming and historic town of Standish, Maine, in Cumberland County currently has a population of 10,139 people. Today, this Portland suburb has grown into a popular recreational destination. Unfortunately, a lifestyle focused on recreation often means residents dabble in drug and alcohol use. However, rehab centers nearby can provide treatment services.

Rehab Centers In Standish, Maine

Standish does not currently have an alcohol or drug rehab center for its residents within the city limits. Those who need addiction treatment will need to look nearby to find the services they require.

Rehab Centers Near Standish, Maine

Several communities within a short drive of Standish have addiction treatment centers that are available to residents. Some of the closest programs are found in Windham, Buxton, and Westbrook.

Crossroads Children And Mothers Program, Windham, Maine

The Crossroads Children and Mothers Program, also known as CAMP, is located in Windham, Maine. This program is a residential program for new mothers or pregnant women who are fighting addiction. The facility is laid out to allow children to stay near their mothers when the mothers are in treatment.

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Day One Residential Girls House, Buxton, Maine

Located in Buxton, the Day One residential house for girls is a facility where adolescent girls can get the help they need to battle substance abuse problems. Day One’s facilities focus on walking young people through the 7 Challenges, a unique therapy model that helps adolescents look at themselves as they strive to understand what is necessary to overcome addiction.

Food Addiction And Chemical Dependency Consultants, Windham, Maine

Food Addiction and Chemical Dependency Consultants (FACDC) offers outpatient food and substance abuse treatment services in Windham. All treatment is individualized based on the person’s unique needs. The facility also provides counseling for families of the individual who needs addiction treatment.

CAP Quality Care, Westbrook, Maine

CAP Quality Care is a methadone and Suboxone facility that dispenses medication to individuals while also monitoring them and providing counseling. This facility, located in Westbrook, is an outpatient facility. Those who seek methadone treatment will be assigned a counselor, while those who are on Suboxone may choose a counselor if they wish, but counseling is not required.

Substance Abuse In Standish & Cumberland County

Standish and Cumberland County has a drug problem that must be dealt with. Statistics show that the problem is far-reaching, pointing to a clear need for effective treatment centers. Some key statistics relating to drug use in Cumberland County include:

  • From 2013-2014, Cumberland County had a drug overdose death rate of 15.5 per 100,000 people.
  • In 2014, Cumberland County had a rate of 32.7 EMS overdose responses per 10,000 residents that were due to drug use.
  • This was the highest number in the state.
  • Cumberland County averaged 7.7 naloxone administrations per 10,000 residents that year as well.

Traveling For The Best Program

Traveling away from Standish may provide a greater number of treatment facilities to meet an individual’s needs. Often this can make treatment more successful too, as people who travel away from home can focus solely on the rehab program.

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