Top 4 Alcohol and Drug Rehab Centers Near Saco, Maine

Home to over 18,000 people, Saco, Maine is a beautiful city that draws visitors to the region each year. Despite this pleasant atmosphere, many people in the area still struggle with substance abuse. Recovery begins with a quality alcohol or drug rehab center, which leads them to research rehab options in and around their own city.

Rehab Centers In Saco, Maine

Most individuals will begin their rehab program search by looking at the treatment centers within their own borders. In Saco, there is one addiction treatment center: Carpe Diem Behavioral Associates.

Carpe Diem Behavioral Associates

Carpe Diem Behavioral Associates offers counseling for individuals struggling with substance abuse. Their treatment can help people better understand what led to their addiction and how they can take steps to live a healthier life moving forward.

Rehab Centers Near Saco, Maine

Individuals should also examine rehab centers nearby Saco. Take a look at some addiction treatment centers in Biddeford, Old Orchard Beach, and Scarborough.

Food Addiction And Chemical Dependency Consultants, Biddeford, Maine

Food Addiction and Chemical Dependency Consultants (FACDC) can help individuals better understand their substance abuse problem. Counseling sessions and addiction education is provided. The consultants also offer family services, adolescent-specific services, and a number of helpful groups that can provide further support for recovery.

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Milestone Recovery, Old Orchard Beach, Maine

Milestone Recovery offers detoxification services and emergency services for individuals who need immediate care. Men who have gone through the first stages of recovery can also access extended care options at their 16-bed residential treatment facility. Following standard treatment, facility graduates can move into their transitional housing program, where individuals receive support as they transition back into the community.

Crossroads, Scarborough, Maine

Crossroads offers a number of different types of treatment programs to help individuals. There are outpatient treatment options for both men and women. Women have access to residential treatment options as well, including a women and child residential center for mothers. The center also includes treatment for other types of disorders including eating disorders, depression, anxiety, and grief counseling.

Substance Abuse In Saco & York County

Residents throughout the state of Maine recognize that substance abuse continues to be a pressing problem for many people. This disease means that the importance of quality rehab programs cannot be underestimated. Here are some recent statistics from York County:

  • York County has one of the highest rates of heroin usage in the state.
  • York County saw a rate of 25.2 EMS responses for overdoses per 10,000 residents.
  • York County saw the highest rate of naloxone admission in the state.

Traveling For The Best Program

Individuals should recognize that the best treatment for them will be the one that aligns well with their needs and temperament. Given the incredible difference the right program can make, individuals should consider the value of traveling beyond their city. This will increase their chances of finding the right program for them. For more information, contact today.

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