Top 5 Alcohol and Drug Rehab Centers Near Oxford, Maine

Oxford, Maine is home to the Oxford Plains Speedway, the annual Oxford County Fair, and the Oxford Casino. However, it can just as easily be a comfortable spot for addiction recovery with its lush landscapes and quiet lakeside settings.

Rehab Centers In Oxford, Maine

Although Oxford, Maine is a lovely small town that many love to visit, its relatively small year-round population means it has fewer resources for residents struggling with addiction. However, the few rehab centers available offer high-quality services and innovative care practices.

Being Well Counseling

An affiliate of Sweetser, Being Well Counseling offers outpatient substance abuse treatment that’s built on a relationship-based therapeutic model. Being Well Counseling develops individualized treatment plans for each patient to ensure specialized treatment for the unique issues each person will have.

Tri-County Mental Health Services (Oxford Hills Clinic)

Providing outpatient services for residents in the tri-county area, the Oxford Hills Clinic begins treatment with an initial assessment, followed by a personalized treatment plan that may include services for co-occurring disorders, group therapy, individual therapy, affected other/codependency treatment, and the DEEP program for those with a DWI or DUI charge.

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Rehab Centers Near Oxford, Maine

Located not too far from Oxford, look for additional addiction treatment programs in Bridgton, Auburn, and Lewiston.

Crooked River Counseling, Bridgton, Maine

Crooked River Counseling offers intensive outpatient treatment, outpatient counseling, special groups, and DEEP evaluations and treatment. The educational groups at this center cover a variety of treatment-related subjects, such as anger management, relapse prevention, spirituality, stress management, relationship building, communication, community participation, and more.

Groups Recover Together, Auburn, Maine

Providing intensive outpatient treatment, Groups prides itself on creating data-driven, scientifically-based treatment, including medication-assisted treatment and weekly therapy sessions for individuals recovering from opioid addiction. The professionals at group typically recommend medication-assisted treatment for 18-24 months, while group and individual therapy programs are available for life.

Facing Change, Lewiston, Maine

Offering outpatient treatment, patient referral, and group/individual therapy sessions, Facing Change is a rehab program in nearby Lewiston. The center features friendly and professional staff members who have extensive experience working with patients seeking addiction treatment.

Substance Abuse In Oxford & Oxford County

The opioid crisis has spread throughout the northeast, affecting many Oxford County residents. Knowing just how widespread the problem has become can help raise awareness and assure those affected that they are not alone:

  • According to a report from Maine’s Department of Health and Human Services, there were approximately 69 prescribed narcotic pills per capita in Oxford County. This is almost nine pills higher than the state average.
  • According to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the average annual number of drug deaths per 100,000 people from 2012-2014 was 8 for Oxford County.

Traveling For The Best Program

Since access to treatment is such a major problem for most Maine residents, it might be best for residents struggling with substance abuse to travel out-of-state to find the most appropriate treatment. Inpatient treatment, in particular, is difficult to find in Maine, which is why travel out-of-state may be necessary.

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