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We all make mistakes in life, and that's how we learn some of our most important lessons. Unfortunately, there's a common mistake that can be difficult to overcome and eventually take over your life. The rate of reported drug abuse in the state of Louisiana is higher than the national average, and it often starts as early as middle or high school.

However, there is help: high-quality addiction treatment centers (such as the one in Port Allen) are skilled at finding the root of your addiction and getting it out of your life for good.

The Help You Need

Overcoming addiction is difficult and if you're truly ready to quit, checking into a drug and alcohol rehab facility can increase your chances of success. Here, you have round-the-clock access to professionals, and they can help you identify a treatment plan that will work in your unique situation. Best of all, your exposure to the temptation to use significantly decreases. 

Whether you have the ability to seek inpatient treatment or instead need to pursue outpatient service in order to accommodate a busy schedule, the professionals at this establishment are there to help you get your life back.

West Baton Rouge CAD

West Baton Rouge CAD has been helping clients successfully overcome their addictions for many years and they use their skill and experience to help each patient identify their unique strengths and weaknesses. They understand how difficult it can be as you begin to experience withdraw symptoms and they're prepared to administer medication when necessary to help patients overcome this often overwhelming part of detox. 

Reputable Outpatient Treatment Program

West Baton Rouge CAD is well known for it highly effective outpatient treatment program. Rather than checking in to the facility, you can still receive services while also taking care of your personal responsibilities. Whether you are having a difficult time securing time off work or you have other non-negotiable obligations, this is a great option for you. Other benefits of outpatient treatment:

  • You won't have to worry about being isolated from the ones you love.
  • You can more easily maintain privacy when it come to your rehabilitation.
  • It's easy to connect to a recovery community that you can lean on when you experience cravings
  • It's often less expensive than inpatient treatment.


Although drug and alcohol use can be especially taxing on your wallet, many cringe at treatment cost.  When you check in at West Baton Rouge CAD, you can take advantage of various payment methods aside from self payment. They offer loans and financing in addition to an income-based sliding fee scale. 

To Learn More, Contact Us is staffed by skilled and professional drug addiction experts that will guide you to a life free from the rigors of addiction. Please don't hesitate to contact us as soon as possible to get the help you need.

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